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Woman shocked after finding out her favourite place for breaks is dogging hotspot

Woman shocked after finding out her favourite place for breaks is dogging hotspot

A woman was left in shock after she found out that her favourite break spot is actually a dogging hotspot.

A carer was left horrified after she discovered that the place she often uses to take breaks is actually a dogging hotspot.

Sam Williams realised this mistake when she was approached twice in two days by a man who was ‘looking for sex’ in the sunny lay-by between Morton and Haconby in Lincolnshire.

She took a three-hour break between her shifts back in August, and to save on fuel costs she decided to park in a lay-by on the A15 to eat her meal and relax.

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But she was soon interrupted by a ‘scruffy looking man’ who looked like he was ‘at least 60’ as he came and peered into her car window.

Sam was horrified by the interruption but did not react or say anything, so the man eventually went back and drove off.

“I think he was expecting a bit of dogging – sex – but no [I'm] not into that sort of thing. He looked very untidy, very scruffy and dirty,” she said.

"He walked up to my wing mirror, looked at me a bit strange, and then walked back to his car again. I think he was waiting for me to give him the nod.”

Assuming it was a one-off incident, she shrugged it off and went about her day. But when she returned to the same spot the next evening, that same man was there again. 

When the guy realised things weren't going to end the way he hoped for, he drove off again. 

Sam then shared her experience on Facebook to warn women travelling through that area about the man, to prevent him from approaching others.

Sam's Facebook Post.
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"I put it on Facebook in case anybody knew this person and if they did they could have a word and say 'pack it in because you're now being posted all over Facebook'. I also shared it to make people aware that it does actually happen in the daytime as well,” she said.

Sam says she was more annoyed than scared by the ordeal, and wanted to put an end to it.

"At the time I wasn't scared. I was just shocked that it was broad daylight, there were some other people in the lay-by, and he just came over hoping to get his end away,” she said.

“Further up [the road] there's a bigger lay-by apparently that's very well known for it, I definitely avoid that one. Luckily nothing was stuck through my window,” she added.

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