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Woman shocked when she thought she saw Shrek in her green curry

Woman shocked when she thought she saw Shrek in her green curry

The British woman wouldn't have been surprised if her dinner yelled 'what are you doing in my swamp' at her.

A British woman has been left stunned after she plated up her takeaway dinner only to look down at her meal to find Shrek staring back at her.

Unlike those annoying influencers who take a million boring snaps of their plate, Lisa Edmonds couldn't resist when she looked down at her plate of Hariyali green curry.

The mum of one burst out laughing before she took the photo of ‘Shrek’ and then called in her husband Mark to show him her plate of swamp ogre.


The mum-of-one admits she almost couldn't eat the ''cute face'' but was too hungry to resist.

"It was the weirdest thing," the Enfield mum said.

"I threw the curry onto the plate and there was Shrek, clear as day.

"The curry is bright green as well, so it fitted him perfectly."

She added: "I did a double take when I saw his green face staring back at me – it was so funny."

Unfortunately her favourite curry house responsible for her tasty plate of swamp monster has now closed, so there's no point flocking to Enfield to try and replicate the Shrekening.

Lisa Edmonds was left stunned when she spotted the face of Shrek in her takeaway curry.

Lisa, who works as a client services manager, revealed it was just an ordinary day with her same-old order of the north Indian style chicken curry with pilaf rice, Saag aloo, and Bombay potatoes when she came face-to-face with the iconic animated character.

"I get this order all the time and this has never happened before," she said.

"The sauce started dripping off the side and I thought it looked like his ear. The chicken was perfectly positioned and formed his nose."

She added that her 14-year-old son Harrison didn't seem to get the joke, but she and her husband found it hilarious.

"The face was so cute I almost couldn't eat it," the 56-year-old said.

"But I was so hungry, I had to eat it as soon as I'd snapped the picture."

She added: "It's just a bit of fun and I hope it makes people laugh."

The image was soon shared to social media, with some asking a few questions about the bright green shade of the meal.

One user said: "We should question the colour of the curry first."

Another added: "Looks like something made in a nuclear power plant."

A third brutally added: "Looks vile."

But Lisa reckons the curry - that gets its lurid colour from a large quantity of mint and coriander in the spice mix - was just as yummy as it always was.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS. Dreamworks.

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