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Woman Spends Up To £900 Per Month On Takeaways And Consumes 5,000 Calories Per Day

Woman Spends Up To £900 Per Month On Takeaways And Consumes 5,000 Calories Per Day

The 26-year-old foodie consumes up to 5,000 calories per day but remains a slim size 10

A foodie who consumes up to 5,000 calories a day and splashes out up to £900 a month on takeaways has gone viral on TikTok. Check out the vid below where she munches into Chinese takeaways, breakfast wraps and pizza:

Sabrina Moore has become popular for rating takeaways up and down the country.

She even travelled 132 miles from Durham to Manchester to try out new restaurants. 

However, the 26-year-old - who's gained 341,000 followers over the last two years - has somehow remained a slim size 10, with a BMI of just 21.

The 5ft10inch woman, who comes in at 10st 5lbs, has shocked the internet and it's not for how much food she eats, rather it's how she keeps slim.

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Sabrina, who eats a minimum of 3,000 calories per day, said: "I've always loved food. 

"When I was a baby my dad would nibble ribs off the bone and give me the bone to suck on. 

"I would always try to eat as much as my dad, he was my idol. We're a food-oriented family. 

"I eat a takeaway or go out every day for my tea. I also snack a lot, I'll have breakfast but then eat a couple of chocolate bars in between. 

"My favourite takeaway is a Chinese but my boyfriend, Phil, likes a burger or pizza so I compromise. 

"I enjoy food, I travel to different cities to try new things. 

"I drove to Leeds for a burger once and Manchester to try a restaurant. I'll try anything new. 

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"There was a time I spent £876 in one month on food, which is ridiculous. 

"It was during lockdown when I decided Deliveroo was my best friend. 

"I'm naturally thin and I don't go to the gym. 

"Sometimes I'll cut down before a holiday but that's a personal preference." 

The beautician starts her day with a black coffee, a chocolate twist, whisper gold bar, hash browns and a breakfast wrap. 

She then snacks on chocolate bars throughout her work day and then tucks into a takeaway or eats at a restaurant in the evening. 

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Sabrina said of her TikTok videos: "I started during lockdown after my mates told me to get on TikTok. 

"I posted a couple of gymnastic challenges at first but I didn't get any traction. 

"I posted a video of me eating a Chinese takeaway and it went viral, my phone was pinging non-stop. 

"It's really overwhelming but it feels really good that it's enough for me to just be myself and have people like me for who I am. 

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"That's why people follow me, it's authentic, I'm just being myself and eating what I want. 

"You don't have to be a perfect person online. It makes me so happy and proud to be who I am. 

"I've had people say it's helped with their eating disorder and I'm normalising food for them. 

"It makes me really happy and proud, if I can help in any way I'm happy to do that." 

Featured Image Credit: North News and Pictures

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