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Bride considers calling off her wedding after the vegan groom banned meat for the guests

Bride considers calling off her wedding after the vegan groom banned meat for the guests

Looks like guests won't be getting meat or fish.

A bride wants to call off her wedding after her vegan fiancé intends to ban all meat from the wedding.

One frustrated bride-to-be wrote into Daily Mail’s ‘Dear Jane’ to seek advice after finding herself in quite the pickle.

“My wedding is coming up in a few months… but during the planning, my fiancé and I have become involved in such furious arguments, over the food of all things, that I’m not sure I actually want to go through with it,” she began.

The woman revealed that she got the ick when she learned her partner was vegan as she’s a gal with a big appetite for burgers and steaks.

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At the time, it wasn’t a deal breaker, however it's a different story now.

The woman revealed that her husband-to-be said he wasn’t comfortable serving meat at the wedding reception, which sparked a massive fight between them.

“It’s been a bone of contention for months now – to the point where we’ve actually gotten into screaming matches in front of the caterer because he was mad that I’d even requested to sample a meat dish,” she continued.

She added that as most of the guests are meat eaters, they would be 'miserable' eating a vegan dinner.

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The woman said the whole experience is giving her ‘cold feet’.

But what advice did Jane give her, you ask?

Run girl! RUUUN.

Well, not exactly.

However, Jane did tell her that while her fiancé's veganism isn't the issue, it points out one major flaw in his personality: his stubbornness.

“This wedding is about both of you, and both of you have equal needs. Should he not have any willingness to compromise, I would suggest that you may have discovered his fatal flaw,” Jane advised.

“Be very grateful to have discovered it before you got married rather than after."

At least we know now before those vows.

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