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Woman who looks exactly like model Cara Delevingne says dating is becoming difficult

Woman who looks exactly like model Cara Delevingne says dating is becoming difficult

Two women. Four bushy eyebrows.

An American woman who is the perfect doppelgänger for Cara Delevingne has revealed how frustrating dating can be when you look like the twin of a celebrity.

Reilly Harrison, 25, says she is told on the regular that she looks like the British model, which she finds 'flattering'.

She also loves her - and Delevingne's - bold eyebrows.

"I’m indebted to her. Big brows were suddenly cool," the Dallas woman said. "Her modelling career made school better for me."

Even though she looks like the spitting image of the Carnival Row star, the US-based data analyst doesn't like being fetishised for her doppelgänger.

"I’m the Cara Delevingne with bigger boobs. I’m like her American sister or cousin," she said.

“People come up to me all the time and tell me I look like her.

"It’s flattering, but I find it irritating when I’m trying to date."

She revealed that men frequently use the same pick-up line when they speak to her on dating apps.

"They all use the [same] line: 'Oh my god, Cara Delevingne my celeb crush'. They are fetishising their love for her," she said.

The real  Cara Delevingne.
The Photo Access / Alamy

And, when they do use that line on Harrison, she has a pretty swift and brutal response.

"I unmatch with guys as soon as they use that line," she said.

Harrison looks so similar to the British model that people have encouraged her to take a DNA test.

Considering Delevingne comes from an ultra-wealthy family with ties to the British Royal Family, we'd be tempted to do one if we were Harrison.

Others have mistaken her social media videos for clips of a younger Delevingne.

But it isn't just her face and bold 'brows that are similar to the UK-based model.

"When I look at videos I can see I have similar mannerisms to her," Harrison said.

"My face moves in a similar way. We have the same shape of mouth. We move the same way."

As for her eyebrows, the 25-year-old said they were 'natural' and has them trimmed twice a year.

When she was younger, the Dallas woman revealed her mum talked her out of getting her eyebrows waxed or threaded.

And, when Delevingne made bushy eyebrows popular, Harrison revealed was grateful she had left her brows alone.

Even though she looks exactly like the British model and actor, Harrison revealed she has never met her lookalike.

"It would be cool to meet Cara face to face," she said.

Harrison added: "I’m here if she ever needs a stunt model."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS. The Photo Access / Alamy Stock Photo

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