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Woman Who's Marrying A 'Ghost' Says They've Been Rejected From Wedding Venues

Woman Who's Marrying A 'Ghost' Says They've Been Rejected From Wedding Venues

She first fell in love with Edwardo, the ghost of a Victorian soldier, last year after he appeared in her home

A woman who plans to marry a ghost claims she has been turned down by a number of churches – saying she’s even been ‘threatened with exorcism’ by priests. 

Brocarde, 38, has previously spoken about her romance with a ghost, but has now revealed plans for their wedding day – saying her husband-to-be has become a bit of a ‘groomzilla’. 

The singer and songwriter from Oxfordshire first fell in love with Edwardo, the ghost of a Victorian soldier, last year after he appeared in her home. 

While they’ve had their ups and downs like any couple, now they’re set to get married this summer. 

“Edwardo and I are currently arguing over the wedding date,” Brocarde said. 

“I want a summer wedding but he hates the heat and I’d secretly love to make him melt, but he disappears often enough as it is.

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“For weeks, we got nowhere with it, so I’m going to design a Oujia board of wedding dates, to see which we are both drawn to. 

“I swear he’s turned into a complete groomzilla and his list of demands grows daily. 

“Edwardo's always had a temperamental nature but the nuptials seem to be bringing out the worst in him." 

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The duo communicate through unique methods, with Edwardo sending cryptic messages in the shower or showing his emotions by ‘sending hot and cold sensations’ through Brocarde’s body. 

But things aren’t as easy when it comes to their ‘blasphemous’ marriage, as the couple have apparently been shunned from churches. 

Brocarde said: "Finding the venue is proving really tricky. 

"We’ve been kicked out of a few churches and have been threatened with exorcism already, I want a huge white wedding but a lot of people just can’t see the vision. 

“Edwardo has made a few appearances but there’s an overwhelming sense that he doesn’t feel comfortable in churches, it’s far too risky for him.” 

She said she’s had ‘fascinating’ discussions about religion and the paranormal with priests, but believes the church can’t publicly endorse her beliefs. 

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In the meantime, Brocarde’s getting on with wedding planning, having designed her own wedding dress – which ‘pays homage to the Victorian era’. 

“Edwardo has insisted that I make him a Victorian three-piece suit and I’ve played around with a few ideas but ultimately, I just can’t see it,” she added. 

As for the guest list, they’re inviting some celebrities including the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, William Shakespeare, Henry VIII and Johnny Cash. 

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Brocarde said: “My dream is to have an eclectic combination of souls at the wedding. 

“I have a blatant disregard to whether they are classified as alive or dead – at this point, it barely seems relevant. 

“Edwardo desperately wants one of his fellow soldiers to be his best man, but apparently he went to hell in 1875 for running an opium den. 

“He hasn’t been reachable since."

Edwardo proposed to Brocarde in November last year, with the singer claiming she found a diamond ring on her pillow – later seeing a ‘question mark’ appear in the steam after she had a shower. 

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For Valentine’s Day, the pair have some hopefully ‘steamy’ plans in store. 

Brocarde added: “The thing that really annoys me, is that I will be left footing the bill but he is a cheap date, as he doesn’t eat or drink in public. 

“I’ve asked Edwardo to whisk me away for a steamy night of passion, but he’s promised he’ll always be by my side wherever I travel."

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