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Woman with split tongue leaves the internet shocked with how she eats

Stewart Perrie

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Woman with split tongue leaves the internet shocked with how she eats

A woman has left people on the internet with their jaws on the absolute ground after sharing a simple video.

Vii Duquette uploaded a clip of her eating to her TikTok account and users couldn't believe their eyes.

While eating a forkful of noodles might not sound interesting, Vii has a split tongue and she highlighted how both sides can be manipulated independently.

If you try to move your tongue around right now, it will probably feel just like a blob of a muscle.


However, the tattoo artist from St. Petersburg in Florida has been able to master the art of using her new tongue.

One TikTok user said: "I wasn't prepared in the SLIGHTEST."

Another added: "That's one of the deepest splits I've seen."


A third wrote: "I never realized those split tongues could grasp things like that. That does look fun."

On her website, Vii has opened up about what it was like getting the procedure done.

As the body modification artist was slicing open her tongue, she had to keep telling herself that it was just like a piercing.

"The whole process was a lot simpler than I expected and it only took 15min. The sutures in the very back were the worst of them all," she said.


"2/10 pain for the split. I was lucky. I've personally had much worse dental procedures so I guess I was a lot more prepared than I thought."

She shared some pretty grim photos of what her tongue looked like after the procedure and it is NOT for the faint-hearted.

Vii added: "I do still have my frenulum, it goes to my right side.


"Shawn said with my length and how deep my split is, there was no reason to remove it.

"However, I asked about this after it was done. I was so nervous I forgot to bring it up before we started, so that's my bad.

"Although, I wonder if that's why the pain wasn't as bad as expected. I had my sutures in for 7 days.

"Even though the pain wasn't bad, it's still an intense healing experience."


She said after the operation was done, she admitted she started drooling a lot and her tongue started to swell.

After 24 hours, the tongue looked a little bruised but the pain was still pretty low for her.

"Like it's fine but I'll get random lil stabs or throbbing feeling and that'll make it go up but it's quick," she said at the time.

"I can also feel my teeth digging into the bottom. I can also feel a bit of the sutures. I can close my mouth, but hardly."

After a week, the sutures came out and the swelling came down loads.

It didn't take long before she started trying to move them independently and worked out how to operate them.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/viiduquette

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Stewart Perrie
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