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Woman With World's Longest Name Has Two Foot Long Birth Certificate

Woman With World's Longest Name Has Two Foot Long Birth Certificate

Her name that is shown on the two foot birth certificate is 1,019 letters long

Many of us will be aware of some pretty unconventional names parents give to their newborns - often inspired by their favourite film, food, footballer or location.

Well, Sandra Williams clearly wasn't into the classic three/four letter names like 'Tom' or 'Sam' either and went for something very different.


Her little girl was born on September 12, 1984 and her parents wrote Rhoshandiatellyneshiaunneveshenk Koyaanisquatsiuth Williams on her birth certificate.

If you're thinking, 'jeez that's long' - her parents thought the complete opposite.

They filed an amendment to the name and opted to change it to being 1,019 letters long, as well as a 36-letter middle name, as you do.

After the change, her name became: Rhoshandiatellyneshiaunneveshenkescianneshaimondrischlyndasaccarnaerenquellenendrasamecashaunettethalemeicoleshiwhalhinive'onchellecaundenesheaalausondrilynnejeanetrimyranaekuesaundrilynnezekeriakenvaunetradevonneyavondalatarneskcaevontaepreonkeinesceellaviavelzadawnefriendsettajessicannelesciajoyvaelloydietteyvettesparklenesceaundrieaquenttaekatilyaevea'shauwneoraliaevaekizzieshiyjuanewandalecciannereneitheliapreciousnesceverroneccaloveliatyronevekacarrionnehenriettaescecleonpatrarutheliacharsalynnmeokcamonaeloiesalynnecsiannemerciadellesciaustillaparissalondonveshadenequamonecaalexetiozetiaquaniaenglaundneshiafrancethosharomeshaunnehawaineakowethauandavernellchishankcarlinaaddoneillesciachristondrafawndrealaotrelleoctavionnemiariasarahtashabnequckagailenaxeteshiataharadaponsadeloriakoentescacraigneckadellanierstellavonnemyiatangoneshiadianacorvettinagodtawndrashirlenescekilokoneyasharrontannamyantoniaaquinettesequioadaurilessiaquatandamerceddiamaebellecescajamesauwnneltomecapolotyoajohnyaetheodoradilcyana.

A Guinness World Record was broken and her birth certificate was 2ft long.

Well, 'Jamie' is what her friends call her and in 1997, she appeared on Oprah with her mother.


Oprah asked: "What were you thinking?"

Sandra said: "I had to do something to break a Guinness World Record. I had to make sure that her name was going to be unique.

"I didn't want her name to be like anybody else's.

"Her name had to be different and I had to be in the Guinness book."

After the record was broken, Texas, incredibly, changed its law so children could only be given a moniker that would fit within the 'name' box on the birth certificate form, as reported by The Mirror.

As you might expect, social media has weighed in with their opinion on the story.

One unimpressed user wrote: “This can’t be real. That woman need a slap upside the back of her head.

"Wth kind of an idiotic thing to do. Why didn’t the mother change her name to this sideshow name?

"It’s just names strung together. Smdh. (sic)”

“Ask the mom if she can say her own daughter’s name,” another added.

Someone else commented: “I love how her last name is just 'Williams'."

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