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Woman's Tour Of Hotel Room Goes Viral After Rude Detail Is Spotted

Woman's Tour Of Hotel Room Goes Viral After Rude Detail Is Spotted

The actor from Brazil accidentally left a rude detail next to her bedside during a tour of her hotel bedroom

A Brazilian actor accidentally left a rude detail on her bedside during a video tour of her hotel room. See if you can spot it in the clip below:

Carla Diaz was on holiday with her new boyfriend Felipe Becari after the pair only started dating on New Year's Eve.

The former Big Brother star opted to treat her 9.8 million Insta followers to a live showing of the hotel room she was staying at in Gramado, which is in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.


However, eagle-eyed followers were in hysterics after noticing a purple-coloured bottle of lube next to her bedside.

For those interested, the object was identified as a K-Med-branded bottle of lube.

The couple are still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship, quite clearly.


One user posted a photo of the couple along with screenshots from the video with the caption: "Carla Diaz' night must have been great."

The actor from San Paulo was able to poke fun at clip and later confirmed that the object on her bedside was lube.

In good humour, she responded to the comments by posting a short video of her and her new man laughing with the caption: "Arriving at the hotel and discovering the tour with the lubricant."


Carla's new boyfriend, 33, is a Civil Police (Brazil's investigative police force) officer, a Sao Paulo city councillor for the centrist Social Democratic Party, and a dog lover.

He boasts 1.6 million followers of his own on Instagram, where he often posts photos of himself cradling rescued pooches.

Carla's not the only one to share something seemingly innocent that turns out to be unexpectedly x-rated.

Lucy Madden from Liverpool was just trying to get a tattoo depicting two faces sharing one mind, but when she showed it to friends and family, they thought it looked a lot rude than she intended.

A customer at work was the first to point out it looked more like someone bent over from behind.

Lucy said: "I was at work about a week after I got the tattoo and a customer asked what the tattoo was supposed to be. 

"It's supposed to be two faces shading one mind but he said it looked really rude, like someone bent over. 

"I asked a colleague and they also said it looked like a person bent over. I was mortified. I couldn't do anything about it. 

"Now everyone is saying it because that's what it looks like. I would have noticed it eventually even if it hadn't been pointed out to me."

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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