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Workplaces have been urged to dump the Christmas vibe from their end-of-year parties

Workplaces have been urged to dump the Christmas vibe from their end-of-year parties

The recommendation has been made to not force the idea of Christmas onto people who don't celebrate or recognise it.

Loads of workplaces will be having their end-of-year Christmas parties over the next few days and weeks.

After what has been a fairly hectic year, staff will no doubt knock back a few beverages, play fun games, try to avoid work chat and have a toast to 2022.

Some might even be forced to dress up to whatever theme was concocted by the social committee and have to walk around the city looking like Santa Claus.

However, offices around Australia have been urged to avoid putting too much Christmas into the Christmas party.

The Australian Human Resources Institute says workplaces can be a pretty diverse arena and there might be a few staff who don't celebrate or recognise Christmas.

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The organisation says end-of-year parties should be inclusive so 'everybody can enjoy'.

AHRI chief executive Sarah McCann-Bartlett said (via News Corp): "We need to remember that even if it is being held off-site, it’s an extension of the workplace, and therefore employers have an obligation to make sure their workplace is safe and inclusive.”

She added: "Instead of theming the event around Christmas, position it as an end-of-year celebration.

"What I’m saying is think of everybody who’s going to be attending and not just make it all about Christmas.

“We have an increasingly diverse society and a diverse workforce and there are other religious celebrations that happen at this time of year.

"And it is really important that those who have other religions, celebrate in different ways or who aren’t religious at all feel included."

You don't have to get rid of all elements of Christmas, but you could incorporate other religions, cultures or traditions into the big day.

People might not put up a standard tree with decorations in their house in December and the AHRI says we shouldn't try to force them to soak up Christmas if it doesn't apply to them.

Sarah McCann-Bartlett has also urged people not to have too much of a rager during the party when it comes around.

“In more recent times employers are certainly more aware of reminding employees the code of conduct does apply even at social events, and employers have been trying to reduce alcohol consumption,” she said.

“What we want to do is just remind employers there are a number of steps they can take in order to make sure there isn’t any fallout.”

You've been warned.

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