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Warning issued to Brits wanting to drink alcohol at the World Cup

Warning issued to Brits wanting to drink alcohol at the World Cup

Fans will be heading to Qatar for the World Cup very soon, but they've been warned about drinking

Footy fans looking to get a bit tipsy at the World Cup in Qatar will be in for a shock, an expert has warned.

The controversial tournament is set to kick off in a couple of weeks, with the best footballing sides around fighting it out for the coveted trophy.

But while most tournaments find themselves littered with drunk fans making a nuisance of themselves, this year's event will be slightly different.

Qatar has a list of strict rules when it comes to consuming alcohol, with those found to be drunk in the streets facing hefty fines.

And speaking to The Mirror, Diego Maloney, an analyst at threat assessment firm Riskline, says fans could find themselves in hot water if they're not careful.

He told the outlet that behaviour will be closely monitored, and those found to have stepped out of line may get a stern talking to.

England fans have been warned about drinking too much in Qatar.
Nikolay Vinokurov/Alamy

"Pre World Cup they would definitely arrest you for being publicly drunk, during the World Cup there'll be sober tents, where you're put if you're being drunk but harmless and a general nuisance," said Diego.

"There you'll be monitored by a health official, who will release you with a warning."

However, when it comes to the kinds of punishments being handed out over drinking in Qatar, Diego said he wasn't sure how strict the authorities will be.

He explained: "Once the tournament is over the laws will be enforced to a full extent, which is worrying for people imprisoned there.

"What laws are applied is up to the royal family, they can find a decree that temporarily suspends it or tell their people not to apply the law. It is unclear which has happened.

"People face long corrupt trials and prison sentences."

Fans thinking of taking drugs to Qatar have also been warned that they could find themselves in serious trouble should they be caught in possession of illegal substances, such as cocaine.

According to Law No. 9 of 1987 on Control and Regulation of Control and Regulation of Narcotic Drugs and Dangerous Psychotropic Substances, people who smuggle drugs into the country face 20 years in prison and a fine of between 100,000 (£21,349) and 300,000 riyals (£64,047).

There is zero tolerance of drugs offences in Qatar.
Riccardo Ceccherini/Alamy

Repeat offenders, however, could be sentenced to death or life in prison.

The UK government has also warned travellers about the stringent laws in Qatar and the security measures that are in place upon entering.

On the government website, it states: "There is zero tolerance for drugs-related offences. The penalties for the use of, trafficking, smuggling and possession of drugs (even residual amounts) are severe.

"Punishment can include lengthy custodial sentences, heavy fines and deportation. Many people transit via Hamad International Airport on their way to other destinations.

"The airport makes use of the latest security technology, all bags are scanned and transiting passengers carrying even residual amounts of drugs may be arrested."

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