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Expert who handled ‘alien corpses’ fears they’re something even more bizarre

Expert who handled ‘alien corpses’ fears they’re something even more bizarre

A ufologist has presented another theory about the origin of the specimens.

An extraterrestrial expert who analysed the alleged 'alien corpses' says they probably aren't from outer space - but they could be something even more bizarre.

The mummified specimens have caused an almighty stir across the world since they were unveiled in Mexico last month.

UFO enthusiasts thought the mystery skeletons were firm evidence of the existence of life on other planets.

Scientists, conspiracy theorists and politicians have all chimed in on the debate over their authenticity.

The supposed alien corpses were retrieved from a mine in Cuzco, Peru, and were unveiled by ET expert and journalist Jaime Maussan.

He told a Mexican congressional hearing that the skeletons were over 1,000 years old and had 'non-human DNA'.

But a fellow ufologist has now called his bold claims into question, while sharing his own scary theory about their origin.

Ufologist Will Galison suspects the corpses could be something even more bizarre.
Daniel Cardenas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Will Galison, a close pal of French archaeologist Thierry Jarmin who was the first to get his hands on the corpses, said he doesn't believe the strange saga is a hoax.

He agrees that the skeletons are from around a millennium ago, but suspects they are more animalistic than alien.

Will suggested that the three-fingered specimens may have been fashioned out of animal remains.

He said that there is a 'remarkable similarity' between their heads and that of a small alpaca.

In an interview with UFO show Nub TV, the ET boffin explained he had taken a cast of one of the skeleton's 'heads'.

Will visited Peru twice to offer his expertise to pal Thierry, who he said received the mummies in 2016 'from a tomb robber'.

He said: "My thinking shifted when I was up in the friend's house in the country, north of New York.

"And I saw a deer skull on the mantel and the back of that deer skull, to my mind, resembled the front of this of this skull and I thought, “Oh wow'.

"It was obviously put together - the question is was it put together in 2015 to sell to Thierry, or was it made 1,000 years ago?"

He claims the specimens have similar skulls to a small llama.
Daniel Cardenas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Will said he doesn't believe they 'flew down in a saucer', as a CT scan of the corpses suggested both were suffering from osteoporosis in their legs.

He claimed they appear to be constructed from a mixture of animal and human bones.

The expert put forward the idea that the Incan's could have created the specimens to worship them as 'God-like' figures.

His other hypothesis is that they could have been trying to recreate a model of something they had encountered.

Will pointed out there are 'plenty' of llamas roaming around South America, so his theory isn't too far fetched.

The ufologist admitted he was originally 'really invested in these things being real', much like the rest of the alien fanatics around the world.

But even this expert can't explain why there were allegedly eggs inside one of the skeletons, which could only be seen via X-ray.

Featured Image Credit: Daniel Cardenas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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