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Haunting final moments of dad found dead in croc-infested river as partner speaks out

Haunting final moments of dad found dead in croc-infested river as partner speaks out

The bloke regularly went fishing in the area

The partner of a man found dead in a croc-infested river has spoken out about his haunting final moments.

Dylan Leschke, 33, disappeared in the Gulf of Carpentaria, off the northern Australian coast, on Monday (25 March).

The Aussie bloke regularly went fishing at the spot on the Norman River but his partner, Desiree Callope, explained how his keys, shoes and phone were found near the Captain WH Norman Bridge in Normanton.

A police search began on foot, in boats and helicopters as this finding alongside the location of his empty vehicle sparked serious concern just before midday.

Desiree and Dylan.

And at about 7pm on Tuesday (26 March), the 33-year-old’s body was found in the river.

Callope, who shares a young son with Leschke, told the Courier Mail about the last time she saw him, the Sunday evening before.

“I kissed him goodnight and told him I loved him,” she said.

Her dad saw the man taking the dogs out for a walk early the next morning, before he later went missing.

She said authorities haven’t yet ruled out if Leschke’s death could be suspicious while police await post-mortem results to determine his cause of death.




"No words can explain the pain of losing your partner," she added.

"I don't know what's happened, but I just can't see my partner leaving his son, leaving me, leaving his home, his dogs, his business, and everything he's worked so hard for. Dylan was well respected and admired everywhere he went; he didn't have a mean bone in his body."

Specialist police have been deployed to the area for further investigation.

Leschke is well known for his love of fishing, especially at the Gulf. He often posts on social media about his beloved ‘mighty Norman river’.

Dylan was an avid fisherman.

The river is known for a large population of crocodiles, and last year there were reports of many crocs in the area being found shot dead.

Leschke actually spoke to ABC and said he found about 14 dead crocodile bodies over recent months.

"A few of the locals and traditional owners are pretty concerned about who is out shooting these crocs," he said.

"They're not a threat to our society. These people are just getting trigger-happy and trying to shoot them under the radar. I’ve never seen something so disgusting out here - wasting a three-tonne beast like that.”

The Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation (CLCAC) added that people shouldn’t be concerned by the saltwater crocodiles.

"They don't hurt anyone - only people with no sense," the spokesperson said.

"They're not a threat to the community."

LADbible has contacted Queensland Police for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Dylan Leschke

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