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Baba Vanga predicted the exact year the world will end as she correctly predicts 2023 moment

Baba Vanga predicted the exact year the world will end as she correctly predicts 2023 moment

The Bulgarian mystic's predictions stop that very same year...

Legendary prophetess Baba Vanga is famed across the globe for her terrifyingly accurate predictions for the future of our world.

Despite being blind since her early childhood, this 84-year-old woman has been able to predict a range of wild events throughout history.

In fact, her estimations have been so horrifically accurate, that leaders of the Soviet Union previously sought her counsel following the numerous world wars of the 20th century.

Since then, only an astonishingly low 15 percent of her predictions have been wrong so far, meaning the Bulgarian mystic boasts an 85% accuracy rate.

And to just make her prophecies even more startling, Vanga has actually been dead for the last 26 years.

However, records made before her passing indicate the events that she saw transpiring in the years to come.

She rose to fame with her supposed second sight after correctly predicting landmark events - such as 9/11 and the presidencies of both Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Baba Vanga died decades ago, but her predictions go up until the year 5079.

And in 1969, she had a vision of the death of Indira Gandhi - the former prime minister of India - before the influential world leader was famously assassinated in the 80s.

And, perhaps more chillingly, was the fact that Vanga foresaw her own death six years before she passed away - and her vision even informed her of which date it would occur on.

She claimed that her time would be up on 11 August 1996. And lo and behold, she was bang on the money.

The prophetess also left predictions for each of the next 3,056 years, including some sinister ones for 2023 - one of which shockingly transpired last week.

Vanga had claimed that Earth would be hit by a mammoth solar storm this year, which would have devastating consequences.

Vanga warned that a solar storm would erupt and wreak havoc across the world this year.
Getty stock image

And on 1 December, forecasters warned that this ongoing and wacky space weather could cause problems for internet, radio and GPS services, and could also spark a dazzling display in the sky that would make auroras visible.

Space weather physicist Doctor Tamitha Skov said that today's solar storm - also known as coronal mass ejection (CME) - could interfere with the Earth’s magnetic field - just like Vanga said.

With a proven track record for the truth, therefore, it's no surprise that spectators are desperate to know when she predicted the world would reach its ultimate end.

And apparently, we don't have anything to worry about for the time-being, being that Vanga has estimated that the world will end in 5079, when her predictions suddenly stop...

Anyone else got chills?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Getty Stock Images

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