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Boss uses 'time wasting' technique to test candidates' patience during job interview process

Boss uses 'time wasting' technique to test candidates' patience during job interview process

The unique technique made candidates wait almost 12 hours to be interviewed

Ever been to a job interview that felt like it was dragging, or lasted way longer than it should do? Well, some unlucky candidates were forced to wait 12 hours in a job interview 'test' designed to see how patient they are.

As you might expect, the unique job testing technique hasn't gone down well online after one candidate described hearing about six people waiting from 7am until 6pm to finally meet their potential new boss. Just two out of the six candidates were still waiting at 6pm, but they were rewarded with jobs at the end of it.

This unique job interview technique hasn't gone down well online.

Jerry Doubles, from Nigeria explained on Twitter: "An employer invited six people for an interview by 7:00AM, they were all dressed and sharp before the time. He told them to wait. By 3:00PM, 3 had left. By 6:00PM, he came and met only 2. They got the job."

He added: "That was the interview. Test of PATIENCE."

Yet people have responded by calling out the technique as 'time wasting'. One person replied on Twitter: "Stop wasting people's time in the name of an interview. It is not professional."

Another questioned: "How can you hire out of patience rather than core competences?"

"The test is ABUSE. “How much will you take?” asked a third.

One person also slammed the employer as they wrote: "This is insulting on so many levels, including wasting people's time. They had to wait ten plus hours, all the while paying for parking and/or babysitting, skipping lunch, etc. It's rude and not a company I would want to work for."

The tweet describing the 'time wasting' test has been met with strong opinions online.

One more wrote: "Any employer who pulls a stunt like this is one you don't want to work with. They will continue to play insane mind games with you for the entirety of your employment. Some people can't afford to be picky and they know this. Why do people think mistreating your employees is okay?"

The original poster also followed up on his divisive tweet, revealing the testing technique wasn't a myth but based on a true story. He wrote: "Based on a true life story...So while all of you are overreacting and being totally emotional. These things happen.

A follow up revealed someone else had undergone a similar test to get a job.

"After my post, someone shared her ordeal, same. Some have narrated to me privately that they experienced worst situations. Waiting all day!"

Attached to the tweet was a reply from a woman explaining that she had gotten a job after being forced to wait like this. She wrote that she had arrived at 8.30am for a 9am interview and was waiting with three others. The manager eventually showed up at 4.30pm, by which point she was the only candidate left.

Would you wait for 12 hours for a job?

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