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Gym introduces rule for influencers wanting to film their own workouts

Gym introduces rule for influencers wanting to film their own workouts

The gym is cracking down on influencers

A gym in Australia has introduced a new rule for influencers who want to film their workouts for social media.

Fitness influencers often upload footage of their daily workouts, and many of these are professionally shot with tripods and other equipment.

It's often a useful tool on social media, with followers desperate to see what workouts influencers are doing, and how they're achieving the best results.

But if you've ever been at the gym and noticed someone filming, you'll know it can be tricky to try and dodge ending up in the background of the shot.

A gym in Australia has introduced a new rule for influencers.
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One company - which has gyms in Melbourne and Perth - has had enough of it, and they're cracking down on anyone who wants to film what they get up to.

Doherty's Gym has said introduced a new rule, and it'll directly affect those wanting to upload professional content.

The gym has said that filming on tripods will 'no longer be permitted' due to safety concerns.

“It is our duty of care to provide safety protection and privacy for all our members. Tripods have become a trip hazard and a safety concern,” a notice, shared on social media, reads.

The new rule was shared on social media.

If guests are desperate to film their workouts, there is one way they can get around the new rule.

The gym says that those who want to upload workouts can now purchase a 'media pass' from reception, but it's essential that no-one is filmed without their consent.

“If you must take a quick video with your phone while you are training, please be aware of anyone in the background and make sure you have their consent to post or share their image if they are,” gym owner Tony Doherty said.

“Better still, put your phone down and get on with training. This may not be popular with the tripod crew, but everyone else will appreciate not having to deal with them.”

Tony added that just because one person wants to film their lives, not everyone does.

Gym owner Tony explained the rule.

And it's not the only rule that's been implemented.

At the front desk of the gym, a new sign lists off 10 new rules, which also includes 'no excessive grunting' and 'photoshoots must be pre-booked'.

Over on the gym's Instagram page and people have been pretty divided.

One person commented on the announcement: "How do I get a refund for the rest of my annual pass I purchased before this rule were put in place?"

While another said: "Well it looks like I’m banned."

Meanwhile, others were pretty happy about the new rule, with one adding: "About time someone did something."

And another wrote: "Yesss…. Fingers crossed other gyms will follow your stance."

How would you feel about this?

LADbible has reached out to Doherty's Gym for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@dohertysgym

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