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Mystery as naked 'wolf man' spotted in mountains 'holding a spear'

Mystery as naked 'wolf man' spotted in mountains 'holding a spear'

People are wondering who this strange 'wolf man' is

Hikers have caught an image of the supposed 'wolf man' who lives in the wild in Germany, with a picture of a mysterious naked man holding a spear.

A pair of hikers were walking through the mountains on Tuesday (22 August) when they spotted what looked like a man armed with a spear crouched in the sand.

Gina Weiss, 31, and her friend Tobi said they could see the wolf man for 10 minutes and he kept watching them the whole time, but didn't make any attempt to speak to the hikers or move from his spot.

Weiss told German publication Bild about the encounter with this mysterious man who kept his distance.

She said: "When we reached the sand caves we saw the wolf man. He stood up high on one of the caves and held a long wooden stick like a lance in his arm.

Two hikers took this picture of the supposed 'wolf man'.

"He wouldn’t take his eyes off us, said nothing. He looked dirty like a Stone Age man from a history book."

This is not the first time there have been suspicions of a hermit 'wolf man' living in the wild near the town of Blankenburg.

For about the past five years there have been reports of sightings of a mysterious man and the emergency services say they have in the past found evidence of someone living out there including sites where someone had lit a fire and made shelters out of branches.

Alexander Beck, head of Blankenburg fire brigade, said that 'someone clearly knows how to live outside and adapt to the changing seasons' based on what they've found over the years.

There have been reports of a man wearing furs lurking around the woods but that he ran off whenever people spotted him.

Up in the hills and forests near the German town of Blankenburg there have been claims of a wild 'wolf man' for about five years.
Krzysztof Baranowski/Getty

In March this year, hikers said they saw a 'wolf man' and spotted a fire he'd made in the forest, but when officials searched the area all they found were the traces of old fire sites.

This new photographic evidence is the clearest sign that those years of suspicion that someone really is living wild out there were onto something.

However, not everyone thinks there's much to this mystery as a volunteer for the fire brigade told the Telegraph that the supposed 'wolf man' living away from everyone else is 'nonsense' and is most likely just a 'prank'.

They claimed that what they'd found out in the woods was not unusual.

Featured Image Credit: Bild

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