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Hooters waitress shares the worst pickup line she’s ever heard on the job

Hooters waitress shares the worst pickup line she’s ever heard on the job

A Hooters waitress has revealed the 'cringiest' pickup line she's heard while working.

A Hooters waitress has revealed the 'cringiest' pickup line she's heard while working.

Ah, Hooters. The American restaurant chain which name refers to both women's breasts and the sound of an owl - the animal in its logo - and which makes its staff wear orange hot pants and white vests.

With the restaurant having started in the US and now slowly making its way across the globe - including spreading across areas of the UK - people have a lot of questions about the chain.

And luckily for them, a 23-year-old woman who's been a Hooters waitress and bartender for five years has revealed all in a Reddit thread, including what the 'cringiest pickup line' is she's ever heard on the job.

Telling Reddit users to 'Ask Me Anything,' the Hooters employee - who goes by @theworldofbella on the platform - invited people to send in any questions they have about the restaurant chain.

She said: "Doesn't matter how specific the question is, I'll do my best to answer it in detail."

And the waitress and bartender certainly didn't hold back in revealing just what goes on behind-the-scenes, as well as between servers and customers at Hooters.

The Redditer says she's worked at Hooters for five years.
Getty Images/ Raymond Boyd

One Reddit user took to the thread to ask the 23-year-old about a certain interaction she's had with a customer.

They said: "Cringiest pickup line you have heard on the job?"

The Hooters server replied: "I hope your day is as nice as your tits."

Another user replied: "Lmao dear god, how do you respond to that??

"I used to work in service and unwelcomed advances were always tricky because nine times out of 10 I didn’t want their number but I did want their tips."

Hooters has been accused by some of 'degrading women'.
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Elsewhere in the thread, Reddit users asked a whole host of other questions, including asking the waitress about her relationship with other members of the restaurant's staff.

One user said: "Bars and restaurants are notorious for coworkers hooking up. Have you ever dipped your pen in the company ink?"

"I will fully admit to sleeping with some of the cook staff," the 23-year-old says.

Another user asked the waitress what her average yearly pay is.

She responded: "Around $84K (£65,000) a year as a Waitress & Bartender with Seniority."

"Damn that's an income that makes me think we should start recommending this job as a career path for high schoolers," another Redditer replied.

When asked to list the 'aspects of [her] job [she] enjoys the most,' the 23-year-old said the 'great management and co-workers' are a key factor, as well as the restaurant being 'close to [her] apartment'.

She continued: "Very good pay as well as predictable high points, flexible schedule, comfortable and cute outfit."

She also added 'most customers are wonderful,' despite how some could clearly do with developing some better pick-up lines.

Featured Image Credit: Chung Sung-Jun/Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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