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Husband investigated after woman dies having 'insides ripped apart' when falling off jet ski

Husband investigated after woman dies having 'insides ripped apart' when falling off jet ski

She was hit 'between her legs' by a 'water hammer'

A man is now being investigated after his wife died having her ‘insides ripped apart’ when falling off a jet ski.

Elena Spiryako, 49, from Samara, Russia, was enjoying a day out on the river with her husband Oleg, 52, when the day suddenly took a turn for the worst.

He was driving a high-speed jet ski with Elena riding on the back when she fell into the water back in July 2023.

But reports say that Oleg accelerated as his wife fell off and therefore, the power of the jet propulsion after caused the horrific wounds leading to her death.

“After another turn, the woman could not stay on the jet ski and fell into the water, and at that moment her husband ‘hit the gas'," investigators report.

Elena sustained a serious ‘hydraulic injury’ after Oleg reportedly created a ‘water hammer’ that hit her between the legs.

As per Health and Safety Executive, this happens when the outer layer of skin is broken by a jet of fluid under pressure.

She was rushed to hospital, but doctors were unable to save her.

Oleg is now facing a criminal case into ‘causing death by negligence’.

Elena Spiryako tragically lost her life following the horrific jet ski accident.
East2West News

And that ‘outer layer of skin’ was in a particularly sore spot that might have you clenching your teeth to read – just a little head’s up.

Russian news outlet Baza reports that Oleg caused Elena to be hit in her genitals by a ‘water hammer’.

When she fell from the jet ski, the impacted created this ‘water hammer’ effect, which happens when a fluid in motion stops or is suddenly forced to change direction.

And because of that, Elena suffered a genital rupture.

A uterine rupture is more likely to happen to women in pregnancies but is still a rare event even in that case.

It’s a life-threatening complication that happens when the uterine walls tear open.

It's reported there is now a criminal investigation.
East2West News

“The victim was urgently taken to hospital, but Elena died the next day,” stated Baza.

Though the tragedy happened back in the summer of 2023, these details have only now emerged after the prosecutors intervened.

Her relatives told the media outlet that a criminal case had been launched into her death.

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Featured Image Credit: East2West News

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