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'Living Nostradamus' who 'predicted Covid and Ukraine war' shares 2024 warning

'Living Nostradamus' who 'predicted Covid and Ukraine war' shares 2024 warning

He's shared some chilling predictions for 2024

A bloke who has been dubbed the ‘living Nostradamus’ has revealed what he reckons 2024 has in store for us all. Just in case you didn’t fancy waiting to find out.

With 2023 bowing out later today, thoughts to turn to the next 12 months and what we might be dealing with. I don’t want to jinx it so I’m just going to say, let’s all hope it’s better than the last few years, eh?

But self-proclaimed psychic Brazilian Athos Salomé believes he already knows what we’ve got to look forward to in 2024 and has shared his predictions with the Sun.

Salomé claims to have successfully predicted the Covid-19 pandemic, the death of the Queen and the World Cup final result.

And looking to the future, he’s predicted a pretty jam packed year for us all, with aliens and robots featuring heavily.

Alien contact

Salomé told the Sun that next year could be the one that sees humans finally make contact with aliens. About bloody time if you ask me.

Could 2024 be the year humans finally make alien contact?
Pexels/Miriam Espacio

However, he doesn’t believe it will be a Mars Attacks type affair with aliens heading to our planet in spaceships, but will instead be via ‘encrypted signals intercepted by a network of telescopes’.

His space predictions don’t end there, either, as Salomé says that an ‘asteroid abundant with rich materials’ is flying towards us and will land safely at some point in 2024.

However, the asteroid landing will kick off a bit of a battle between global superpowers to try and snap it up. Typical.

Robot ruckus

Salomé has also predicted an ‘AI awakening’, in which he says artificial intelligence will gain self-awareness, meaning it will no longer need human input to function.

He says the robots will then form their own language that us poor humans won’t be able to understand. Sounds a bit rude, if you ask me.

Salomé told the publication: “Equipped with self improvement capabilities and covert communication channels - it could lead machines and us down a very perilous path.” Great.

Robots will develop their own language, according to the psychic.
Pexels/Alex Knight

World War 3

Salomé didn’t stop there with the bad news, either, as he’s warned that World War III is an ‘urgent reality’.

However, he went on to suggest that it won’t be triggered by any ongoing conflict, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but will kick off suddenly following a cyber attack or ‘an event in the South China Sea’.

Global catastrophe

The hits keep coming as Salomé has predicted a series of natural disasters across the world.

He’s warned folks not to be complacent as nature has a way of catching us all off-guard.

Among the disasters he claims will hit, is droughts in the Middle East and Africa, fires in the US and hurricanes and tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Happy New Year, guys!

Featured Image Credit: Mark Garlick/Getty Instagram/Athos Salome

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