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Matador taken to hospital in a serious condition after bull gores him in the bum

Matador taken to hospital in a serious condition after bull gores him in the bum

Alejandro Conquero was lifted high into the air after the animal quickly turned on him.

A matador has been taken to hospital in a serious condition after being gored by a bull.

Alejandro Conquero was taking part in the Spanish sport of bullfighting in Cenicientos, Madrid.

He successfully managed to evade the animal on several occasions, however the bull turned quickly after one go and lifted the matador into the air.

Conquero crashed back onto the earth, but the bull didn't stop there.

It continued to gore the bullfighter along the ground until one of its horns lifted him again.

An eyewitness who filmed the horrifying moment wrote on Twitter (translated from Spanish): "The goring of Alejandro Conquero has been horrible, we are waiting for a helicopter to take him to the hospital. How hard is this, damn, how hard."

A bunch of assistants entered the ring to distract the bull while Alejandro got to his feet and wandered off.

While he managed to walk away from the incident, the Daily Mail says he was later airlifted out of the arena.

He was reportedly suffering 'a goring in the posterior perianal region, which dissects the rectum through the coccyx and could affect the external sphincter of the anus' and was taken to Rey Juan Carlos de Mostoles hospital.

The Mirror says the 28-year-old bullfighter is expected to to have long-term issues.


Local news outlet Andalucia Informacion said the horrible moment happened during the third fight of the annual Prieto de la Cal.

It added that the 28-year-old bullfighter's family has a rich history in the sport and his father had the nickname of The Hurricane of Huelva.

Unsurprisingly, getting a bull horn in your rectum while bullfighting isn't completely uncommon.

There have been loads of instances of matadors copping the pointy end of the angry animal during a fight and they usually have to be taken to hospital for treatment.

Bullfighting has been performed in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, France, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and a few other countries influenced by Spanish or Portuguese culture.

The main performer in a bullfight is called the maestro and is usually dressed in gold.

They are the one who finally gets to kill the animal after the fight.

The other bullfighters are called subalternos and their suits have silver on them compared to the matador's gold.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Aibabur

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