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Family of two boys killed in car collision make heartbreaking plea as driver is charged

Family of two boys killed in car collision make heartbreaking plea as driver is charged

The driver is set to face court today

The family of two brothers who were killed in a car collision have made a heartbreaking plea as the driver is charged.

Ages nine and 10, the boys were killed in Monterey, in Sydney’s southern district, on Friday night (25 August).

Jimmy Martin Brito, 33, was driving when he allegedly lost control of the Sabaru Impreza sedan and crashed into a tree.

The impact was reportedly so intense that the engine flew from the bonnet.

A nine-year-old girl was pulled from the vehicle by witnesses as she was heard ‘screaming’ from the front passenger seat. She was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

But the two boys in the back seat did not survive the crash.

The car collided with a tree.

After being freed from the wrecked sedan, they were taken to Sydney Children’s Hospital where they died soon after.

Police will allege Brito, from Beverly Hills, was speeding and are reportedly investigating if the vehicle was drag racing when the incident took place.

The family of the two brothers shared a message on Saturday, pleading for their other family members to drive safely.

They said: “It’s not worth your life or anyone else’s just to get from point A to B.

“Unfortunately, he (the father) lost his boys last night, 9 and 12. If anyone wants to send him a text or call in the morning. You will likely see in the news of papers, it happened four streets down from our place … be safe people.”

Brito was taken to hospital under police guard and has been charged with two counts of dangerous driving causing death and one count of causing bodily harm by misconduct. He faces court via bedside hearing today (27 August).

Family and residents have created a memorial at the tree.

Residents recalled the ‘deafening’ noise as the crash left their homes shaking.

Witnesses told Nine News the little girl ‘screamed’ as emergency services tried to save the boys. She currently remains in hospital in a stable condition.

Another, Hadi Sawan, told the Saturday Telegraph: “We went to the right side of the car and we were able to get the little girl out”

“On the other side we weren't able to do that, it was jammed from the impact. I don't even want to explain what I saw out of respect to the families.”

Detective Inspector Jason Hogan from the NSW Crash Investigations Unit said: “At this stage we will be seeking the assistance of members of the public to identify a grey sedan that was travelling in lane one around the time of the collision.

“That will be a significant line of inquiry for our crash investigators, to establish the speed of the vehicle, and that appears to be...a contributing factor.

“It is a particularly nasty crash where two innocent young children have lost their lives.

“We'll be in constant contact with all members of the family to ensure their welfare and that they're kept abreast of the investigation as it unfolds.”

LADbible has contacted the NSW Police Force for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Nine News / Seven Sunrise

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