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OnlyFans and MAFS star explains why she's quit the adult industry

OnlyFans and MAFS star explains why she's quit the adult industry

Hayley Vernon starred on Married At First Sight before embarking on an OnlyFans career

An OnlyFans star who appeared on reality TV show Married At First Sight in Australia has revealed why she's quit the adult industry despite raking in a load of profit.

Services like OnlyFans have boomed in popularity since the Covid pandemic years where we were forced to stay inside our homes with not much else to do other than explore what was on the other end of our phones.

For many that meant spicing things up a little, especially in a world where physical dating became a legal no go area in the time of national and regional lockdowns.

The success of the Covid years has sustained, too, with the growth of OnlyFans seeing hundreds of millions spent on adult content every year with the platform having 420 million monthly users to this day.

Ordinary folk have appeared on the platform, using it as a way to secure financial freedom by harnessing what God gave them. But celebs and influencers are also riding the same wave.

One such star was MAFS contestant Hayley Vernon. The Aussie starred in the reality TV show back in 2020.

And since the show, she made headlines after taking to OnlyFans - before sensationally quitting the platform.

Now, Hayley has revealed exactly why she quit OnlyFans, calling the adult industry 'soul-destroying'.

Hayley Vernon has quite OnlyFans for good (Instagram / hayleyvernon_)
Hayley Vernon has quite OnlyFans for good (Instagram / hayleyvernon_)

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Hayley said she had gone on a 'spiritual journey' that had seen her have a reawakening.

"For me, the spiritual journey started a few years back and I’d say over the past two years I was leaning more into my faith and pulling away from modern spirituality," she said.

"I realised that doing life my way wasn’t working; the things and the life I had got me what I wanted in regards to material possessions but over time it continued to take away from me at an unseen level. It wasn’t until I started surrendering and getting in my own way that I started to have peace. I know the journey in front of me is guided now with a firm foundation to live my life by."

Hayley said she would recommend the adult industry 'for any woman', adding: "This has been something I have said over the years of doing it when asked on podcasts and by women in my DMs – the glamour is not worth the isolation, the mental anguish and the negativity that follows that life.

Hayley described the adult industry as 'soul destroying' (Instagram / hayleyvernon_)
Hayley described the adult industry as 'soul destroying' (Instagram / hayleyvernon_)

"I’m at peace, every aspect of my life has got better, I’ve let go of a lot, I’ve gained even more and I’m learning how to be the woman I was before MAFS, before trying to be someone I wasn't in the public eye merely to just survive all the bullshit that came with the TV show."

And three days ago, the former adult star was baptised. Posting to Instagram, she said: "Yesterday I was born again in my faith making a public declaration to the outside world based on the inward transformation I have experienced through finding Christ."

She added: "There isn’t enough space or even words to explain the transformative goodness of God. Every inch of my life has changed for the better, finding my faith has given me a firmer foundation to live my life on."

Hayley's reasoning comes as another OnlyFans star explained why she also wishes she'd never entered the industry. Megan Gaither secretly ran an OF account while working as an English teacher and cheerleading coach before her adult 'side hustle' got brought to light.

"A lot of people tell me that I should be happy, but I wouldn’t wish this past year on anybody,” Gaither said.

“I studied 12 years to become a teacher, and now that’s gone. Looking back, I wouldn’t recommend this. If I could go back, I would tell myself not to do it.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / hayleyvernon_

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