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OnlyFans models slammed after recruiting 'schoolies' for their content

OnlyFans models slammed after recruiting 'schoolies' for their content

OnlyFans models Bonnie Blue and Leilani May have denied any wrongdoing for recruiting 'schoolies' into adult content

A pair of OnlyFans models have defended themselves after being slammed for recruiting 'schoolies' to help them make X-rated content.

The two women, both based in Australia, have found themselves at the forefront of fury after their raunchy antics started to branch out of their lanes.

Usually, when you decided to engage in illicit acts, choosing someone else who is just as experienced or also has a platform is the right way to go about it.

But high school graduates?

This is why OnlyFans models Bonnie Blue, 24, and Leilani May, 25, have been collared.

Having invited young men from ‘Schoolies’ to participate in making adult content, the line between consensual and moral is being questioned.

OnlyFans model Bonnie Blue has defended herself after inviting Schoolies-goers to join her and Leilani May in making adult content.

Now, if you don’t already know about this massive Australian rite of passage, Schoolies Week is a celebratory time for recent high school graduates (a bit like UK freshers), which sees thousands of school leavers amassing to the best holiday spots.

Surfers Paradise in Queensland’s Gold Coast is one of the favourite places to go because of its nightlife and beaches.

But after the two models invited schoolies to Surfers Paradise to join in on creating their content, it caused a fair few issues.

However, according to Brit Bonnie Blue, the school leavers approached them first.

She told the Gold Coast Bulletin: “We started getting messages, ‘I’ll be here for Schoolies, let’s film content,’ and we laughed – we only filmed with established creators and then thought ‘Why not’.”

Blue then clarified that she and May were careful to ensure anyone who wanted to work with them were 'consenting adults'.

Leilani May has stressed how she and Bonnie will ensure anyone wanting to join them will be 'consenting adults'.

“They’re not 17, we check ID, we have a process – they are consenting, and they are signing consent forms," she said.

Aussie May added: “It’s entirely their call and what they’re comfortable with. They take part in the filming, we practice safe sex, and we as sex workers are checked every two weeks.”

But a lot of people, sex workers included, believe that this is predatory behaviour and that they are going after ‘barely legal’ men with a naïve mindset.

May went on to deny the accusations, especially those who claim there are drugs and alcohol involved, ensuring that there isn’t.

But many believe that participating in these things could impact the young men in the long run.

Matt Lloyd, CEO, went on to speak to the same publication, saying: “Our advice to all Schoolies is, you deserve to celebrate with your friends, but don’t make a decision that could have negative implications on your family, your reputation and your future prospects.”

However, Blue and May claim that those who join them do not have to have their faces shown.

Schoolies is a rite of passage for graduates in Australia.
Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images

Regardless of the consent issue, the State Member for party suburb Surfers Paradise still finds the issue ‘a very sad thing’.

Dr Ahmet Moustafa at the Bond University also went on to explain that the models ‘probably know what they’re doing legally’, even though the prefrontal cortex of the Schoolies had not yet fully developed.

He said: “Short term they may think it’s good, but in the long term they may not be happy with what they have done.”

Speaking to LADbible, Blue and May shared a joint statement about what they have felt over the situation and what their hopes for the future is like.

"We are excited to have been able to draw attention to making realistic and relatable content with real people," they said.

"We're looking forward to continuing this style of adult content and taking it to spring break, US & freshers week, UK."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@bonnie_blue_xo/@itsleilanimay

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