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Man demands 'royalties' from girlfriend who earns up to £7,500 a month on OnlyFans

Man demands 'royalties' from girlfriend who earns up to £7,500 a month on OnlyFans

The man thought it was 'unfair' that his girlfriend kept her own earnings

A bricklayer has caused outrage after demanding that his girlfriend share her earnings from OnlyFans with him.

You might think that if someone does a job that they would be entitled to the earnings from that job, but not according to this man, who thinks he should have a cut of the proceeds from his girlfriend's OnlyFans.

OnlyFans puts content behind a paywall, and is most commonly associated with adult entertainment.
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Initially you could be forgiven for thinking that maybe this is because he actually features in some of the videos, in which case it would make sense.

But no, it's entirely his girlfriend's job. He stakes his claim on the principle that he 'allows' her to do it. How very generous of him.

The man, called Dmitri, was adamant, telling a call-in line: "She sits at home and sends her photos. I allow her to do it and we had a talk about it.

"She's happy to buy herself fancy shoes and bags, but I'm still paying for dinners. If I'm going to allow this to keep happening, I think I should be financially rewarded as well." What a charmer.

Radio presenter Jackie 'O' Henderson challenged the man's entitled attitude.

She said: "You can't be entitled to someone else's money because you're 'allowing' them to do something with their body.

"That's her body. You don't have a right to say, 'I allow you to do that.'"

Feeling uncomfortable because a partner does OnlyFans is not inherently bad, it is something that could have an impact on your relationship.

However, surely that should be something that you discuss separately from the financial aspect. Bodily autonomy is not something that should ever be up for debate, especially with a partner.

The boyfriend demanded some of his girlfriend's earnings.

Demanding compensation for your consent to someone else's job has some extremely unpleasant implications, especially when that job is sex work.

A female caller into the show said: "My issue is with the language you're using. If he had said he's supporting his partner in doing this, different matter, then they can support each other financially. You don't have the right to 'allow' her to do that or tell her what she should give you.

"I feel like you're focusing on the money and the allowance of her."

A male caller took a very different view, even saying that she is 'disrespecting' him by doing that kind of work. He said: "She's your girlfriend, she's your woman." Steady on there Andrew Tate Jr.

Despite seemingly endless coverage about creators earning thousands of pounds a month on the platform, OnlyFans is still a difficult place to make a living for most people. Despite the appeal of the potentially very high earnings, it still comes with the stigma of sex work, which can sadly still affect people even long after they have retired from the industry.

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