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Neuroscientist warns three common foods could contain parasites that can cross into your brain

Neuroscientist warns three common foods could contain parasites that can cross into your brain

It's a bad news if you're a fan of these meals

We all have our favourite snacks, our favourite lunches, our favourite scrans in general. And obviously they’re not all necessarily the ‘best’ for us, but they’re still delicious.

However, there might be more to the bad side of your secret snacks than you first thought.

Because apparently, they could be sending creepy little things into our brain.

Robert Love is a neuroscientist who creates videos on TikTok that are mostly about, well, our brains, - unsurprisingly.

In one video he lists three foods that we should be avoiding for a pretty grim reason.

“They can contain parasites that can cross into your brain,” says Love in his alarming warning.

So, let’s get into food ‘number one’ and it’s one you’re likely to already know about: ‘Pork’.

“Pork is one of the most likely sources of animal protein that can contain parasites,” he explains.

“So, if you’re going to eat pork, you want to know the farmer or you really wanna cook it really well. Or I’d just avoid pork completely.”

Well that’s pork chops off the table for tea then.

And next, ‘while people think this one’s heatlhy for them’, it can ‘contain parasites’: “Farm-raised salmon.”

The neuroscientist says: “Unlike being wild-caught salmon which is actually super-duper healthy for you – that’s great for your brain – farm-raised salmon they’re raised in these small ponds and they can contain parasites.”

Hope this hasn't put you off your dinner.
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And finally, an easy lunchtime pick-up from the little shop by your office: “This is going to upset a lot of people, it’s really important to know about though, it is sushi.

“Research shows that those who eat sushi multiple times a week, about 30 percent of them have some sort of parasite.”

While we cannot confirm where Love got these figures from, it has been said that parasites from sushi has increased massively in recent years, as per University of Washington.

Ending his video on a bit of a downer, the neuroscientist warns: “Once parasites get into your body, they can cross into your brain.”

Plenty wrote in the comments: “That’s why pork is not allowed in Islam.”

And many said: “Thankfully I’m vegan.”

Whereas one eater joked: “That’s why I don’t have a brain,” with another writing: “I’m so f**ked.”

And one put: “How can I clean my parasitic brain.”

However, one writes: “My grandparents have eaten pork and salmon their entire life, both in their 90’s and are fit and healthy so…”

Will you giving up eating pork or sushi anytime soon?

Featured Image Credit: @robertwblove/tiktok

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