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Armed police officer praised after telling tourists to 'stop taking the p**s' out of King's Guard

Armed police officer praised after telling tourists to 'stop taking the p**s' out of King's Guard

The video went viral online

The Home Secretary has backed the armed policeman who removed giggling tourists from the scene after 'taking the p**s' out of a King's Guard in London.

The armed officer has been praised for offering his support to the trooper standing guard after a group of American tourists heckled him and laughed while asking him to smile for pictures.

In the now-viral TikTok video, which was taken by a on-looker and later posted to the platform, the guard could be seen on duty at the Horse Guards building off Whitehall when he was approached by a group of six giggling women who were caught laughing and jumping with delight when the guard licked his lips.

The officer intervened in the situation and came to the guard's defence, telling the group: "Appreciate you are having fun, he's not having fun, he's got a long day, it's a lot of hours he's got to do. It is tiring, it is exhausting, and you are taking the p*** out of him.

"We do not appreciate that and I will ask you to leave the facility."


He continued to stress the importance of the guard's role to the group, explaining clearly: "These soldiers serve their country. They take their job seriously. They are responsible for protecting this facility. They are not an object of ridicule."

The girls seemed embarrassed as they tucked away their phones and quickly left the location.

The police officer has been praised by viewers online as well as by Home Secretary, James Cleverly, as he reposted the TikTok video along with the simple caption: "Well said."

Veterans affairs minister Johnny Mercer also backed the police officer’s actions, tweeting: “Spot on.”

If you head down to London and pay either Buckingham Palace or St James's Palace a visit then you'll come across the King's Guards.

They're usually formed from one of the five regiments of foot guards - the Irish Guards, Welsh Guards, Scots Guards, Coldstream Guards and Grenadier Guards - though for a few weeks each year the Royal Air Force Regiment takes on this responsibility.

But there have been repeated issues of tourists getting too close, given the fact the guards have strict protocol to follow.

People were less than impressed.

In the viral clip, the motionless trooper remained professional and stoic in retaliation to the group's constant heckling.

Social media users commented in praise of the policeman during the interaction, with one posting a comment under the video: "Would they ever do this at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier [in Arlington National Cemetery]? Of course not, so why do they think they can do with our military?"

Another joined in, simply adding: "Officer handled this like a champ."

Featured Image Credit: @kallum643564/TikTok

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