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Brit trying to run length of Africa surrounded by ‘blokes with machetes’ after getting lost

Brit trying to run length of Africa surrounded by ‘blokes with machetes’ after getting lost

Russell Cook has gone through a difficult few days in his crazy challenge.

A Brit trying to run the length of Africa found himself surrounded by 'blokes with machetes' after getting lost on his wild adventure.

Russell Cook - aka @hardestgeezer - is aiming to run 360 marathons in 240 days, which is the equivalent of a staggering 14,500km (9,320 miles).

The ambitious feat will see him running through the Sahara desert, rainforests and cities across the length of Africa.

However, Cook has faced quite a few obstacles along the way - something you'd certainly expect with such a challenge.

In June, the 25-year-old detailed his horrifying ordeal of when he was robbed at gunpoint while on the road, and unfortunately that wasn't the last time he was targeted while embarking on his challenge.

Now, Cook has detailed the last few days of #ProjectAfrica, saying it has 'been some of the toughest of my life'.

The Brit has had a difficult few days.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday (6 August), he wrote: "On day 102 I was separated from the boys & the support van after some impassable roads in the planned route.

"In an attempt to find the boys at a village on the plan B route, I stumbled into a rural settlement where the chief told me I must give him money. I had none. So that went down well."

He continued: "Pretty soon I found myself surrounded by lots of game blokes with machetes. Was escorted out the village into the bush. Mind was racing. I’ve heard the horror stories.

"Thought I might be about to become one. Emptied my bag to show I had nothing but a half eaten biscuit. Gave it to them, and ran.

"Spent the next few hours bushwhacking through overgrown jungle paths. Trying to stay off any tracks until I was far away. Made it to the village on the plan B route to find the road was also impassable for the support van again."

Cook then went on to describe the physical restraints he went through on the leg, saying he was 'exhausted and dehydrated'.

Russell Cook is currently running the length of Africa.

He continued: " I started heading back to the last known place with passable roads when 2 blokes pulled up on a motorbike. They spoke no English but tried to communicate I must come with them to get back to my friends."

Despite being 'reluctant' Cook decided to head on the men's bikes as he thought his pals may have sent them.

However, a seven-hour motorbike ride later saw Cook held in a hut while the men argued on how much he owed them.

"The acting chief who spoke small amounts of English came, and we managed to iron things out," Cook continued on Twitter.

"Get French speaking Harry on the phone, and find that this was a misunderstanding. The boys spent the next couple days trying to get together a rescue plan through some of the worst roads I’ve ever seen. Bring some money for these people, and get me back."

The group then travelled back to the start point of day 102 and continued their journey.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@hardestgeezer

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