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Warning: This article contains topics some readers may find upsetting

With thousands of Brits heading off on their summer holidays, many will be packing rubber rings for their kids to enjoy in the pool.

However, parents may want to rethink getting pool floats for their kids after a video emerged of a little girl getting trapped beneath the waters surface.

It serves as a timely reminder to keep a close eye on your kids, even if they are confident swimmers.

The terrifying incident happened in Guangzhou, China, whilst the unnamed child was enjoying her time in a public pool.

As she swims in the seemingly serine waters, her bright orange rubber ring begins to lean to one side – with onlookers being completely unaware of the impending danger.

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, the child is suddenly flipped upside down and struggles to get free as the force of the inflatable pushes her down.

The terrifying moment was caught on camera.

The video makes for rather unpleasant viewing, as she stayed submerged for a couple of seconds and her legs desperately kick in the air.

Thankfully, another swimmer rushes to rescue her with a lifeguard also dashing into the water to help.

It’s the latter that actually helps the little girls escape the rubber ring, in the utterly heart-stopping clip.

Frighteningly though, it took eight seconds before a potential tragedy was averted – showing just how quickly things can go wrong.

It’s unsurprising then that experts have warned against children using inflatables all together – unlike a life jacket or swim vest.

Sally Schneider, who is an aquatics coordinator for the American Red Cross, told the LA Times that the devices are ‘very dangerous’.

She added: "Floating toys are the last thing you should put your child in to play in the water."

Shockingly, it's a couple of seconds before the lifeguard gets to the little girl.

In an eerily similar experience, a US mum also recalled how her toddler nearly drowned in mere moments.

Writing for Today, Rachel Barton Lister revealed how the family had about to leave a relative’s house when her daughter disappeared as she wanted to get back into the hot tub.

Minutes later, the two-year-old was found face down and received CPR from her dad.

Although the little girl went on make a full recovery, Lister’s story serves as a warning to others.

She wrote: “You can never relax when you have kids around the water. Never.”

The writer went on to add that the image of her young daughter will stay with her for the rest of her life.

Perhaps just stay in the deckchair instead.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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