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World's Tallest Swing Ride In Dubai Is 460ft Tall And Looks Terrifying

World's Tallest Swing Ride In Dubai Is 460ft Tall And Looks Terrifying

It overtook Florida's Orlando StarFlyer as the world's tallest free-standing swing ride

Dubai is well known for its gravity-defying structures and one of its most popular attractions might just be the most frightening of them all for vertigo sufferers. Check it out below:

New drone footage shows the SkyFlyer in all of its glory, which just so happens to be the world's tallest swing ride, according to CNN.

Located at Bollywood Parks in Dubai, it rises to a stunning height of 460ft (140 meters), offering adrenaline seekers an experience quite unlike any other.

As the picture below shows, users will also have an incredible view of the Dubai skyline on their way up to the top.

The Skyflyer at Bollywood Parks in Dubai is 460ft tall.
Dubai Parks and Resorts

Completed last summer in 2021, the structure took Florida's Orlando StarFlyer crown as the world's tallest free-standing swing ride which, incredibly, is the same height as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Having taken 600 days to be constructed, and 120 days to install, it certainly is a remarkable feat of engineering.

The attraction its located within Bollywood Parks Dubai, which is a homage to Mumbai's movie industry and the powerful legacy it has had around the world.

The ride overtook Orlando StarFlyer as the world's tallest free-standing swing ride.
Dubai Parks and Resorts

According to Bollywood Parks, it is designed for 'both young and old, adventurous and not so adventurous'.

Offering a taste of what visitors can expect, their site adds: "Bollywood Skyflyer gives you the experience of hang gliding and swinging – all at the same time."

"You will also experience motions like lifting, dropping and rotating at varying speeds," it is claimed.

"Moving up and down and rotating around the giant tower - take in the amazing views of the park and the surrounding areas while you're swinging freely or screaming with joy."

The Emirate is also home to the world's deepest swimming pool, highest tennis court, the highest Ferris wheel, which tops 820ft (250m); and Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building at 2,716.5ft (828 meters).

Burj Al Arab Helipad, where tennis and boxing can be held.
Visit Dubai

In the case of the world’s deepest swimming pool, it’s definitely something to add on to your bucket list.

The 60 meter-deep pool is part of the city’s new underwater city, and is filled with a staggering 14 million litres of water.

If you can’t quite envision just how large that is, the attraction, named Deep Dive Dubai, is at least four times bigger than any other diving pool in the world and has been branded as the ‘Deepest swimming pool for diving’ by the Guinness World Book of Records.

As well as the previously mentioned attractions, Dubai could be about to push the boundaries further still, by constructing Dubai Creek Tower in the coming years.

If constructed, it would break the 1,000 metre barrier to become the new tallest building in the world.

Featured Image Credit: Dubai Parks And Resorts

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