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The world's third 'coolest' street is in the UK

The world's third 'coolest' street is in the UK

The UK is home to the world's third coolest street, and we're not talking temperature.

If you want to visit the coolest streets in the world then you can hit one of the top locations without ever even leaving the UK.

Time Out has been ranking the world's coolest streets and apparently third place on the list is right here in Britain.

While a UK street didn't quite manage to get top spot there's really no shame in nabbing third place.

When you're on the world's third coolest street you're not really going to be bothered that there's a couple of others elsewhere in the world slight better.

If you really want to go to the world's coolest street that's supposed to be Rue Wellington in Montreal, Canada, while Gertrude Street in Melbourne, Australia lands in second place.

Glasgow's Great Western Road is the third coolest street in the world.
f8stockpix / Alamy Stock Photo

As for the UK's best entry, according to the rankings, Glasgow's Great Western Road takes the bronze medal when it comes to a street that's hip, happening and much cooler than me now I've just typed that.

Given that it's a pretty long street, they're talking about 'the top bit between St George’s Cross and the Botanic Gardens'.

Not to shill for this place or anything, but they're pretty flush with praise for the Great Western Road's amazing food for all budgets.

They're also very enthusiastic about the cool shops you can dip into and spend some money, as it seems like a good mixture of unique places to eat, drink and shop is what makes for a 'cool' street.

While the Great Western Road is incredibly cool, you might want to be careful around the rest of Glasgow as Scotland is the 'cocaine capital of the world'.

You might also need to have a decent tolerance for bad language, as it's the UK's most foul-mouthed city.

Quite why they picked 33 streets in their list of the coolest is something of a mystery, but it's not for us to decide how to rank cool streets.

It's not just Glasgow that hosts one of the best streets in the world, as a couple of other places in the UK have also been earmarked as great places to visit.

It wasn't quite the coolest, but there's no real losers when it comes to cool streets to be on.
Neil McAllister / Alamy Stock Photo

At number 17 on the list is Deptford High Street in London, which gets cool points for its 'independent shops, cafés, bars and restaurants', along with jazz venues and art galleries described by the site as 'vital'.

Depending what time of the week you're there you can also enjoy spending a fortune on various stalls, and it's described as 'the most alive street in London'.

Meanwhile, Manchester's Cutting Room Square takes the 21st spot in the rankings, largely for being the home of some really great places to eat like the original Rudy's Pizza.

Called 'the coolest street in the UK’s coolest city', they rave about a 'seamless mix of culture, exquisite dining and rich sense of history'.

If you're ever in Glasgow, London or Manchester, now you know exactly where in the city you've definitely got to check out.

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