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Would-be thieves pick house belonging to a knockout champion and it didn’t go down well

Would-be thieves pick house belonging to a knockout champion and it didn’t go down well

They got the fright of their life when cruiserweight champ Casey Caswell came running outside.

Would-be intruders made the colossal mistake of trying to breaking into a knock-out champion's house and it did not go down well. Talk about karma.

News Corp reported the duo wearing hoods entered the driveway, unbeknownst to them, of Gold Coast cruiserweight Casey Caswell’s Benowa Waters home.

Footage has emerged of the the men carrying a knife and inspecting the side of Caswell’s property.

However, they got the fright of their life once the professional fighter ran out of his home chasing the teens down the street.

“Come on you little c**ts,” Caswell said while going after the pair.

The video has left the internet stunned, as one person wrote: “It's scary knowing these little punks are wandering around at night in yards and nothing's being done about it.”

Another commented: “Seriously, these kids are out of control! If their parents do nothing and the courts do nothing then I hope a homeowner catches them and teaches them a lesson!”

A third shared: “I bet they wet their pants when they saw him coming at them.”

While another said: “I would have flown interstate to see this.... boys would've been crying on the inside like little toddlers.”

Caswell told 7NEWS that once he received an alert on his phone from his security motion cameras, he knew he had to protect his family, which includes his two daughters and pregnant wife, Jenna Surridge.

“I’ve got two young girls and these guys coming in - masked assailants in the early hours of the morning - that’s going to scar a three-year-old for many, many years to come,” he told the outlet.

“So as soon as I saw it, I wanted to handle it.”

Caswell also said he was aware of the ‘loss of life’ in North Lakes when mother-of-two Emma Lovell was murdered by alleged teen home intruders on Boxing Day.

He added: “I have no problem chasing these assailants off my property. I’ll do it each and every day. I’ll do it again.”

Friend of the Australasian fighting champion and fellow fighter Dean McKean shared the security video of the wanna-be thieves being hunted.

He told the Courier Mail that the teens picked ‘the wrong house to mess with’.

He added: “They were teens and he lives in a nicer neighbourhood so they would get targeted more often than not … plus Gold Coast is ripe for it.

“The tall one was older and had a knife.

“They were spotted at another house in the community at 3.30am, so they were doing the rounds.”

The outlet reported that no charges had been laid.

Featured Image Credit: Demsey McKean/Facebook.

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