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York Voted Best Night Out In UK, According To New Survey

York Voted Best Night Out In UK, According To New Survey

The controversial survey has named some unusual towns and cities as the best night out, with York nabbing the top spot

It’s no secret that we Brits love a night out, but have you ever wondered which city has the best nightlife

Whether you’re a university student or corporate professional, no one can resist the pull of a good night out. However, not all UK cities were made equal when it comes to quality of nightlife. 

With many variables to consider, such as the ever-rising price of a pint, the quality of both pubs and bars, and even the friendliness of the crowds, it’s hard to know which areas meet all our needs. 

Now, thanks to a survey by Get Licensed, Brits have a definitive list of the best nights out, although you may not agree with the answers... 

York, England.

The ranking includes data based on the number of drinking venues per head, the cost of a pint, and a range of different safety concerns, all combined to produce the overall night out score. 

In first place, you may be surprised to hear, is York, with an overall night out score of 7.67/10. 

Hailed for its ‘excellent offering of pubs and bars, including some that are hundreds of years old’, York seems to provide something for everyone. 

The results are surprising, to say the least.
Get Licensed
The northern city also excelled in every safety category, making it a great night out without needing to worry about feeling unsafe or at risk. 

Coming in at second is Telford, with an overall night out score of 7.56/10. 

The Shropshire town has notably less pubs and bars than York, but makes up for it with an extremely low price of a pint, averaging just £2.60. 

Affordable drinks and high safety scores mean that Telford is a worry-free night out for you and your mates. 

Third place was awarded to Warrington, with an overall night out score of 6.97/10. 

Warrington, England.

This large town located halfway between Manchester and Liverpool is easily accessible from both northern cities, with a direct rail link to London as well. 

Warrington boasts a number of pubs and bars to choose from, while also providing a safe experience for visitors to the town. 

Readers may be surprised to learn where their favourite cities for a rowdy night out are ranked. 

In 27th place sits Nottingham, with a painfully average score of 5.04.

Manchester sits all the way down the table in 31st place, with an abysmal score of 4.75, meanwhile Coventry ranked last with a measly 2.12.

Most shocking of all, London sits well near the bottom in 48th place, with a score of 2.97. 

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