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YouTuber MrBeast Shares How Much An Average Video Costs To Make For Him

YouTuber MrBeast Shares How Much An Average Video Costs To Make For Him

MrBeast has revealed the whopping average figure his YouTube videos cost to produce.

MrBeast has revealed the whopping average figure his YouTube videos cost to produce. 

MrBeast – real name Jimmy Donaldson – has more than 94 million subscribers, making him one of the current most popular YouTubers on the platform.

It's not hard to believe the 23-year-old's admission that he is often losing 'a ridiculous amount of money' as a result of the highly creative but extreme stunt videos he produces, particularly after he went viral for his life-size recreation of hit Netflix survival show Squid Game.

The YouTuber has since revealed just how much it costs him on average to create videos for his main channel.

YouTuber MrBeast reveals how much he spends on average to produce his videos.
MrBeast/ YouTube

Donaldson splashed out almost $4 million on his recreation of Squid Game, however the average amount he spends on videos is still a hefty sum.

As of today the cost of producing his videos stands at roughly a million dollars, and not all videos are even profited from.

The YouTuber told Rolling Stone: "I could be doing cheaper videos. But I just don’t want to.

"I want to push the boundaries to go bigger, bigger.”

YouTuber MrBeast explains how he wants to 'push the boundaries' and 'go bigger'.
MrBeast/ YouTube

It's not just his videos that cost a ton to produce either.

Donaldson splashes out a cool $10,000 on each thumbnail in order to entice YouTube users in even further, alongside titles optimised for the site's algorithm.

The YouTuber also doles out the cash within his videos, having previously awarded the Squid Game recreation winner a $456,000 prize fund.

In another video, he tipped a waitress at a hot dog joint $10,000 for two glasses of water.

A third saw him donate to those who lost their jobs in the pandemic, giving out a total sum of $200,000.

Some have questioned the YouTuber's motivations in donating such large sums of money and recording it for content for his channel.

He responded: "I know myself, and I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. I think what I’ve done speaks for itself.

"I have an entire channel built around my nonprofit that I’ve invested ungodly amounts of hours into building, that I’ll never see a single penny out of.…

"I lose five figures and dozens of hours every month. The opportunity cost could go to projects that make millions of dollars. So I don’t care. I don’t say this stuff publicly, because that’s not why I do it."

Despite some people doubting his motivations, MrBeast explained invests 'never see[s] a single penny' from a channel he's built around his nonprofit.
MrBeast/ YouTube

Despite his hefty outgoings, in 2021, Donaldson raked in a reported $54 million in revenue on his MrBeast channel.

However, he noted how the money 'doesn't matter' to him despite it mattering to 'other people'. Instead, he simply views the cash as a way to 'do bigger stuff'.

Reflecting on how his safety could potentially be comprised by having such a public career where his money is clear for the world to see, Donaldson concluded: "I can create whatever world I want, do whatever I want for content, and I choose this. [In] the end, I have tons of influence. If I wanted to, I could have tons of money. Boohoo, people have expectations of me. I’ll live."

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast/ YouTube

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