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Billionaire will 'spend everything' to get justice after brother died following nightclub altercation in Spain

Billionaire will 'spend everything' to get justice after brother died following nightclub altercation in Spain

Tobias White-Sansom was 'brutally beaten' at Boomerang nightclub last month

A billionaire says he is willing to 'spend everything' in order to get justice for his brother, who died following a night out in Spain.

Tobias White-Sansom was out with his family in Majorca when he was 'pulled to the floor and beaten' by security staff at Boomerang nightclub on 25 July.

Video footage taken from witness that night shows the 35-year-old lying on the floor while bouncers hold him on the ground.

The father-of-two is then seen being dragged out of the club and up to the top of a flight of stairs, where he is thrown to the ground and pinned down again by police, who allegedly 'stood' on him for 30 minutes.

Footage captured witnesses shows Tobias White-Sansom being dragged out of Boomerang nightclub.

Tobias was arrested and placed in an induced coma, and five days later, his life support was switched off.

His brother Maximillian White says Tobias was the victim of a 'brutal' attack by the club's security staff and the Guardia Civil.

Speaking to LADbible, the entrepreneur said he has put together a huge team to help him get justice, made up of former MI5 agents, private detectives and some of the world's top lawyers.

And he has pledged to do everything in his power to bring those responsible to justice and prevent others from suffering such a devastating loss.

He says: "They say every man is another man's brother, and they messed with the wrong brother, because I will spend everything I have, and I'll use the rest of my days, because my life is destroyed.

The father-of-two was placed in an induced coma and died five days after the incident.

"I've got the best people in the business to come and help me, from litigation specialists, the best law firm in London, the best law firm in Madrid, the best lawyers here, human rights activist, ex-MI5, and private investigators, because there was something wrong straightaway when I tried to visit my brother at the hospital and the police wouldn't allow me in and threatened me."

The nightclub and police allege that Tobias was intoxicated and topless, and headbutted a member of staff that night, which led to him being detained and kicked out.

According to Maximillian, Tobias had left the club to put his nephew and their friends in a taxi before returning to pick up his t-shirt, which he had left behind.

Maximillian (left) says he won't rest until he gets justice for his brother and prevents this from happening again.

After being allowed back inside, he says Tobias was told his top was in the back office, so he had another drink at the bar while he waited. Moments later, he was surrounded by security.

Maximillian says neither the club's nor the police's stories match up and he believes Tobias was targeted because of the colour of his skin and the fact he was British.

He tells us: "I'm not saying these people in this club wanted to kill my brother, but the sheer nastiness of them, they had a good go.

"I'm not saying that the Guardia Civil wanted to kill him, because that's a headache for them, but their barbaric, racist, brutal behaviour ended up in results and Toby dying."

Adding: "They [police] stood on Toby, eight of them, from his foot to his neck to his head, facedown on the floor, for 30 minutes. He was screaming for his life."

Tobias was described as a 'big teddy bear' by his older brother.

One witness who was there that night has since reported seeing bystanders hit 'with batons', while Maximillian claims onlookers were 'threatened'.

Maximillian also says staff at the club have since made statements and have had 'breakdowns' as a result of what happened to Tobias.

He is now urging people to support the campaign for justice for Tobias, by sharing his Instagram page and visiting his website.

A Guardia Civil spokesperson told LADbible: "According with the investigators, Mr White-Sansom was expelled from the nightclub by the establishment’s private security for his aggressive behaviour and refusal to wear a T-shirt.

"Later on Guardia Civil responded to a notice from the establishment's private security. Mr White-Sansom assaulted the doorman of the nightclub for which the Guardia Civil arrested him for a crime of injury. 

"The agents had to reduce him due to his resistance and aggressiveness and the health services had to administer him a tranquilizer. After that, he was taken to the hospital as an arrested person."

Spanish police told Sky News that the authorities are investigating the incident, but no further information was given.

LADbible has contacted Boomerang nightclub for a comment.

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