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Former Skins Star Megan Prescott Says Sex Work Has Been ‘Perfect Fit’ For Her ADHD

Former Skins Star Megan Prescott Says Sex Work Has Been ‘Perfect Fit’ For Her ADHD

The actor made her name in the popular teen drama, but in recent years she's ventured into stripping and OnlyFans

Former Skins star Megan Prescott has opened up about how sex work has been a 'perfect fit' for her attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The 30-year-old made her breakthrough as a teenager on the hit drama alongside her twin sister Kathryn, with the siblings playing Katie and Emily Fitch respectively.

But since then, the actor has worked as a stripper and a content creator on OnlyFans.

She made her big breakthrough as a teenager alongside her twin sister.

And when the pandemic hit - and lockdowns shut down the arts sector - Megan said her account proved to be a 'lifesaver', enabling her to pay the rent while also affording her the freedom to focus on her creative pursuits.

Not only that, it's turned out to be ideally suited to her ADHD, which has been harder to accommodate in more traditional work structures.

"It has been the perfect fit," she told LADbible.

"I can't do the nine to five work. So OnlyFans allows me to, when I have bursts of energy, get three times as much work done as a neurotypical person might get done - but then I can't do any other work for two days, because I'm exhausted because I got so much done at one point. But that's perfect for OnlyFans."

She said OnlyFans has been a 'lifesaver' in recent years.

She continued: "I spend my days auditioning, learning lines, writing. So it works out perfectly, because then I'll - if I have an evening free, or a weekday free, or a weekend day free - shoot all my photo sets for OnlyFans, get it done.

"That means I have six days of the week to pursue the creative work that I want to do. So it really does work perfectly. What other job do you know where you can earn enough in a week to pay the bills that you need to pay, but not be working every day?"

It's a very good point. Indeed, many of us are struggling to pay the bills working five days a week at the moment.

Before making the move to stripping, which she did for a couple of years, Megan was prepared for the stigma she would have to face - though another problem she foresaw didn't quite materialise.

"I thought lots of people are probably going to say, 'Oh, you're that twin from that show,'" she recalled.

"But yeah, not many people. I think I'm gonna say it's because it's very dark. And I was wearing a lot of makeup."

As for the stigma associated with sex work, Megan thinks progress is being made, but 'not fast enough'.

What's more, she feels the debate about whether sex work and sites like OnlyFans facilitate female empowerment or reinforce objectification is not the most pressing matter.

Megan thinks ensuring basic rights for sex workers such take precedence over debates about 'empowerment'.

"It's a bit of a waste of time," she said. "Because we can have that discussion till the cows come home, whether sex work is empowering. But that's not really the issue.

"I don't think working 12 hours a day and cleaning vomit off of chairs is empowering, but nobody asked me if I felt empowered when I was working as a bartender.

"So I don't know if empowerment really relates to your rights as a worker. I think if you want to have the feminism conversation about whether sex work is empowering or not, we can have that conversation once everybody who is doing sex work has basic worker rights - then, if you want to discuss whether it's empowering or not, go for it.

"But I think that's so secondary."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Instagram/@megartron

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