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Woman Gets On The Vodka And Tries 'Miracle' Hangover Pill To See If They Actually Work

Woman Gets On The Vodka And Tries 'Miracle' Hangover Pill To See If They Actually Work

The purpose of Myrkl is to help regular moderate drinkers to wake up feeling ‘their best’ the next day. But does it really work?

Pouring yourself that extra drink always feels like a good idea until you wake up the next morning, head pounding and a mouth drier than the Sahara Desert… We’ve all been there.

But what if I told you there was a magic pill that claims to prevent all of that from happening?

Myrkl is a ‘ground-breaking’ new hangover drug, marketed as ‘the pre-drinking pill that works’. It bills itself as ‘the first product in history to break down alcohol effectively’ before it reaches the liver and claims to ease hangover symptoms.

The supplement, which is 100 percent natural and vegan, was invented back in 1990 by scientist Johan de Faire, and has now been 'perfected over 30 years of research and design’.

The purpose of Myrkl, according to its CEO, Håkan Magnusson, is to help regular moderate drinkers to wake up feeling ‘their best’ the next day.

Does it really work?

Of course, the company also warns it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to drink more alcohol.

The idea of not lying in bed still feeling like you're on Nemesis in Alton Towers is pretty appealing, but how exactly does the whole thing work?

Well, the box recommends taking two pills one to 12 hours before you start drinking. After doing so, gut-friendly bacteria, the amino acid L-Cysteine and Vitamin B12, make their way to the gut and break down into water and carbon dioxide before the booze has a chance to reach the liver, with the hope of getting you less drunk.

According to a study conducted by the company, drinkers who swallowed two pills and drank two glasses of wine had 70 percent less alcohol in their blood an hour later than those who did not take it.

Sceptical, I decided to put it to the test.

After four vodkas... did it work?

After taking Myrkl as prescribed, I poured my first of four drinks and went about my evening feeling slightly cocky at the prospect of waking up without a hangover. 

Two vodkas in and I notice I’m feeling significantly merry, almost tipsier than usual?

By the time I ended FaceTime with my best friend I’d polished off two more drinks and put out a prayer to the Myrkl gods that I wouldn’t have to face the gym the next morning with a hangover.

After eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, I woke up at half seven fully prepared to regret everything from the night before. 

But thankfully that feeling didn’t come. 

Besides a headache that disappeared as quickly as I noticed it and feeling tired (no change there), I felt fine… until I got to the gym. 

The false sense of security Myrkl had given me quickly wore off the moment I made eye contact with the assisted pull-up machine. Two sets later and I was crouched down on the floor contemplating my entire existence. 

Surprisingly, I made it through the entire workout without wanting to throw up at least once - a nice change from the usual post-night out gym sessions.


While the supplement gave me the impression I ‘cheated’ a hangover when I woke up, I certainly didn’t dodge it completely.

That being said, I’d definitely take them next time I go out just to ensure I don’t wake up in a worse state than usual.

At the moment, Myrkl is only available to buy on its website and costs £30 for 30 tablets, coming in at £1 per pill and £2 per boozy night out - a small price to pay to be ‘hangover-free’ if you ask me.

However, after selling six months’ worth of stock within just 24 hours, it has sold out in the UK.

So maybe reschedule any nights out until after it’s been restocked. 

Featured Image Credit: Paige Holland

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