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When is episode 7 of All or Nothing: Arsenal coming out?

When is episode 7 of All or Nothing: Arsenal coming out?

Arsenal fans are loving the behind-the-scenes look of All Or Nothing, and the final episodes are coming soon

All Or Nothing: Arsenal has got fans talking thanks to the first six episodes on Amazon Prime, but when can they watch the final episodes?

The fly-on-the-wall series takes a look behind the scenes of Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal FC team taking on the 2021/22 season. Narrated by Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya, the show is being released several episodes at a time.

Fans have already seen the first six after another three were released today, August 11, so when can you watch the final two? You’ve only got a week to wait, as episodes seven and eight of All Or Nothing: Arsenal will be arriving on Amazon Prime TV on August 18.

When the series was announced, Thierry Henry told Prime Video: “For the fans it’s amazing to see what is happening behind closed doors.

"For some players it may be too much, but I think it’s good for people on the outside to have an insight.

"Thank God they didn’t have that when I was playing... it would’ve certainly been entertaining.”

Fans saw Arteta using social media posts to fire the team up ahead of a home fixture against Brentford.

The manager brought up an old tweet from Ivan Toney to rile the players up – and it worked. The tweet came after an embarrassing defeat for the Gunners, when Brentford beat them 2-0, despite spending £140m on new talent over the summer.

Toney mockingly wrote: "Nice kick about with the boys."

In the documentary, Arteta said: "Before I go, because it’s still in my stomach and I have managed to keep it for four months, five months, six months.

“This is Toney after the game when we played at Brentford. You know what he did? You know his tweet? Nice kick about with the boys this afternoon.

"So today they play in our house, guys there is only one team on that f**king pitch - and it’s us! Only one team, it’s like they don’t play football.

"We take that f**king ball, we take the game, we go for it and let’s f**king win this game!"

It gave the desired results, with Arsenal FC winning 2-1, and Alexandre Lacazette then tweeted the exact same message.

In another pre-match speech, Arteta was seen saying: “The last thing I want to do is to blame you in difficult moments. My responsibility. I take the sh**.” 

Fans can watch the final two episodes on Amazon Prime from August 18.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime

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