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Aussie player who was gifted priceless shirt from Lionel Messi's 1000th game has no idea where it is

Aussie player who was gifted priceless shirt from Lionel Messi's 1000th game has no idea where it is

Shortly after Cameron Devlin returned from Qatar, his family locked up Messi's jersey.

The Australian soccer player who received Lionel Messi’s 1000th game jersey has admitted that he has no idea where the irreplaceable piece football history actually is.

Youngster Aussie player Cameron didn't play a minute on the field during the World Cup, but he came away with an unbeatable prize despite Australia being knocked out of the top 16 - Messi's 1000th game shirt.

Argentina beat Australia 2-1 in the World Cup round of 16 earlier this month, with Messi kicking a stunning goal in the first half, marking a ceremonious occasion for the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner.

But beyond that, it was also Messi’s 1000th match in his career.

After being awarded Man of the Match, Messi saw Devlin standing nearby and exchanged jerseys with him.

However, Devlin has now revealed he thinks he may have misplaced Messi's memento.

Shortly after the 24-year-old returned from Qatar, he left the shirt with his family.

Now he’s unsure what his family has done with it exactly.

He told Sky Sports: "The jersey is locked up in a bank back home, so I don’t even know where it is to be honest – my family took care of that and I have no idea where it is.

"I think it is best that way. In the years to come, it’s a cool memento to have, definitely, but at the moment, it’s in the bank."

Daily Mail reported that the Aussie midfielder explained the exact moment he obtained Messi’s jersey.

He said: “I went on [the pitch] and consoled all the boys first and then shook Messi's hand.

“No-one had said anything so I just tried my luck and he said, 'I'll see you inside,' and that's what happened.

“I definitely wanted one of the other boys to have the opportunity first, but no-one took it, so I thought why not?”

Shortly after he took the shirt, much to Devlin’s surprise, Messi also gratefully accepted his jersey, despite probably not knowing who he was.

The Aussie rising star said: "I don't know if it will be on his wall at home or maybe still on the ground in that changing room but I'm not fussed — it's more that I got his.”

Devlin continued: “He definitely wouldn't know who I am, but he's a nice enough bloke and a humble enough bloke to still show that respect, and that's obviously super nice, but I wasn't too worried about what my jersey was doing at that stage.”

Featured Image Credit: cammydevlin/Instagram

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