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Who is Austin McBroom's wife?

Who is Austin McBroom's wife?

Social media star turned boxer Austin McBroom has a successful family YouTube channel with his wife, but who is she?

Austin McBroom is a YouTuber and boxer with a ridiculous amount of social media followers. He rose to fame as a former basketball star after creating a family YouTube account, but who is he married to?

Who is Austin McBroom’s wife?

Austin McBroom is married to Catherine Paiz, who is an actress.

The couple have been married since 2017, and together they run a hugely popular YouTube channel under the name The ACE family.

It has clocked up more than 19 million subscribers and 4 billion views, and they named the channel by combining the initials of their names with that of their eldest daughter Elle.

There have been numerous rumours of cheating over the years, with Catherine and Austin blaming Jake Paul saying he was spreading rumours out of jealousy. 

Austin filmed his proposal to Catherine in 2017, called ‘The best proposal of all time! (Jumping out of a plane!) and it has been watched a frankly obscene amount of times: more than 40 million, to be precise.

They shared another video, titled ‘Austin proposed to me again!” in 2019.

Catherine’s real name is Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz, and she has had roles in films including Lilin’s Blood, Monday Nights At Seven and You Can’t Have It, but is mostly known for her YouTube channel with Austin.

The couple have three kids together, daughters Elle and Alaïa, and their youngest son, Steel.

None other than actual Kylie Jenner hosted a gender reveal party for the couple, as she is good friends with Catherine.

Catherine has more than 7.3 million Instagram followers, and she regularly shares updates from family life.

Back in March, they posted a YouTube video titled ‘The end of the ACE family on YouTube, where they claimed they have plans to quit YouTube at the end of 2022.

They said they want to spend time travelling and being with family. 

The couple have been involved in numerous lawsuits and allegations of "scams" over the years, with fans and customers claiming not to have received items they ordered.

In their first ever YouTube video, Catherine explained she has been working since she was 16-years-old: "I've been working my whole life," she said.

"I've always had a job since I was like 16. And I didn't go to college, I moved to China after high school and I was there for quite some time... I came back and went straight to work. I moved to Miami and I managed a venue, and I worked at a hedge fund, and I've done so many different things."

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