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Who Is Cameron Norrie's Coach Facundo Lugones?

Who Is Cameron Norrie's Coach Facundo Lugones?

All you need to know about Cameron Norrie's coach Facundo Lugones

Cameron Norrie is the last British player left standing in this year’s Wimbledon. Today, he is up against reigning champion, Novac Djokovic, in the semi-final. 

Norrie said he has trained so intensely in recent years, that he could now probably out-run any other player after five sets.

His performance so far this tournament has been a testament to his phenomenal fitness levels, so who has helped him get to this level?

Who Is In Cameron Norrie’s Coaching Team?

In 2017, Cameron Norrie first began working with the tennis coach Facundo Lugones, and has stayed with him ever since. Lugones is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and first began coaching in 2015. 

Since working with Lugones, Norrie’s game has improved immensely, leading him to win four ATP singles titles, and one ATP doubles title.

It was this success which led Lugones to be voted Coach of the Year in the 2021 ATP Awards. 

Another coach who has had a major impact on Norrie’s career is James Trotman, a former British tennis player who retired early due to continued injuries.

These days, Trotman only coaches Cam Norrie for a fews weeks a year as he is now a full-time coach to the young British hopeful Jack Draper. 

When speaking about Norrie, Trotman has said that ‘the work he puts through his body, how much he’s pushing himself, there wouldn’t be too many players that are doing a similar kind of job. It’s pretty incredible.’

Who Coached Cameron Norrie In America?

Before going professional in 2017, the 26-year-old tennis star studied in America at the Texas Christian University (TCU), which he attended on a scholarship. 

While in America, Norrie was coached by David Robiti and Devin Bowen. Speaking recently, Robiti said ‘there was no doubt he was head and shoulders above your typical 18-year-old coming in.'

'Extremely competitive, always willing to do the extra work.’

He also described how the young Norrie would always go for long runs all on his own, so ‘his endurance levels are tremendous.’

With all this training and discipline, it is clear that Cameron Norrie could not have done more to prepare for this battle against Djokovic. May the best (British) man win. 

Featured Image Credit: Stockton Challenger

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