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Diver heroically saved after suffering blackout 410ft below surface

Diver heroically saved after suffering blackout 410ft below surface

He was trying to break a world record when he blacked out.

Diving can be a seriously dangerous sport, which is probably why it's not as popular as land-based activities like football and tennis.

It's even more dangerous when you're trying to break a world record, as diver Miguel Lozano learned when he ended up blacking out 410 feet below the surface. Yup.

The whole thing was captured on film, and it garnered a lot of attention when the Freediving Vice World Champion decided to post the footage to Instagram three days ago (28 November).

It was captioned: "We usually try to hide accidents in Freediving to avoid giving a bad image and bring freediving closer to the general public.

"Black out rarely occurs, but when it happens, as part of our sport and with the appropriate protocols, as you can see in the video (as it would happen in other sports like climbing), I had no consequences."

In the footage, the then-unconscious diver can be seen being escorted back to the surface by a group of divers, who managed to get him out of the dangerous situation very quickly.

When he reaches the top, the medical team is ready and waiting to get him fighting fit again.

But as you can imagine, just the thought of blacking out at such an incredible depth sent fear through the spines of a lot of viewers.

It also prompted a lot of discussion about the process when the video was reposted to Reddit.

A blacked-out diver being rescued from a seriously dangerous situation.
Caters News/Instagram / miguel_apnea

Reacting to the footage, one Redditor questioned: "Are those safety people just chilling on the ocean floor without airtanks just waiting for mf's to blackout? [sic]"

This prompted another user to reveal that the safety divers wait at certain points in case an incident like this happens, but this did inspire more questions about what might happen if they black-out too.

We can only assume this is unlikely.

A second viewer added: "For some reason I noticed about 17 seconds in he seem to get an erection. Is this from lack of oxygen?"

This person had no answer, beyond a Redditor who simply said they must have 'a sharp eye for bon*rs'.

A third revealed: "As a scuba diver, my first inclination would have been to get a lift bag tied to him. Inflate it and he'd shoot to the surface like a rocket. (There is no risk of the bends since he's not breathing compressed air)."

"I've never seen so many flippers in one place being used, kinda neat," observed a fourth, while a fifth simply wrote: "Deep diving is f****** dangerous."

All of which begs the question, would you be up for giving freediving a go?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / miguel_apnea/Caters News

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