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MMA Veteran Don Frye Punches UFC Fan Who 'Challenged Him To A Fight'

MMA Veteran Don Frye Punches UFC Fan Who 'Challenged Him To A Fight'

The fan chose the wrong guy to start on

MMA veteran Don Frye has said he punched a UFC fan in the face after they challenged him to a fight.

The 56-year-old, who earnt himself a fearsome reputation across his illustrious career in the Octagon, could be seen engaged in a heated conversation with the fan at UFC 270 in Anaheim, California, on Saturday (22 January).

The fan chose the wrong guy to start on.

As the row escalated and a security guard tried to keep them apart, Frye snapped the man with a quick jab to the chops, which the man is presumably still feeling now.

Speaking to TMZSports, Frye - who was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2016 - said the feud began after the man knocked into his hat.

He added that the man appeared to be drunk and then challenged him to a fight - I mean, you'd have to be drunk to challenge him to a fight, surely?

As you can see from the footage, the fight lasted as long as you'd expect.

Watch here:

This is far from the first time a person has made the mistake of crossing a professional a**e-kicker.

A couple of years ago, an MMA fighter in Brazil attacked a bloke after she allegedly caught him masturbating while she was doing a swimwear photo shoot.

Joice Vieira and her friend were taking photos at the Praia do Braga beach in Rio de Janeiro when she claimed they saw the man performing the sex act.

The man apparently wouldn't stop so Vieira took things into her own hands, quite literally.

He took a beating.
Golder's News

The man was arrested for committing an 'obscene act', but was subsequently released after giving a statement in which he denied the crime.

Police told reporters that the man alleged to have been masturbating claimed he was urinating prior to being approached by Vieira.

Speaking following the incident in April 2019, Vieira - who is a specialist in Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu - said: "To be honest it's very difficult because until today I have suffered a bit from men looking down their noses at me in training because I'm a woman.

"But that's just fuel for me and I want to stay and fight more and more every day for the love that fighting awoke in me.

"I'm a feminist and after all this, I'm going to embrace the cause with everything. It's the first type of harassment like that which I have faced but I have to suffer sexism every day."

Featured Image Credit: TMZSports

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