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Eddie Hall Accepts Forfeit And Finally Gets Thor Tattoo

Eddie Hall Accepts Forfeit And Finally Gets Thor Tattoo

A man of his word, Eddie Hall had Thor Bjornsson’s name tattooed on his body on Wednesday

A man of his word, Eddie Hall has finally had Thor Björnsson’s name tattooed on his body. 

Hall agreed to the condition of having his rival’s name etched into his skin should Björnsson win their fight in Dubai last month, and unfortunately for Hall, Björnsson came out on top by unanimous decision after six rounds.

Sharing a video of himself going under the needle on Instagram today (20 April), Hall zoomed in on his bare foot, on which Thor’s full name - Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson - was very permanently written. 

Hall also provided his 3.2 million followers with a running commentary, saying: “OK, here it is. World’s strongest man, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.”

He continued: “Could you have had a longer name? Thor, I can see the funny side of this. It is what it is. It means that down the line, the rematch, if it’s there, will happen, and I’m a man of my word.”

Eddie Hall is truly a man of his word.

Hall went on: “I’ve done everything I’ve said I’m gonna do. Looking forward to what’s next. At least this is not as embarrassing as being a sore loser. 

“I can take a loss like a man, unlike some people. And that’s how I’ll leave this. Stay safe. Stay positive, big love and peace.”

Hall first promised to get a Björnsson-themed tattoo back in November, although stated it would be on his back.

Speaking on Viddal Riley’s YouTube channel, Hall promised: “If I lose then I've done everything I can and I'll have a tattoo of Thor on my back, life is life."

Hall then said he’d only get a tattoo of Björnsson’s name if the Icelandic strongman agreed to a rematch, prompting Björnsson to take to his own YouTube channel and urge Hall to stick to his end of the deal.

Eddie Hall stuck to Thor Björnsson's condition of getting a tattoo dedicated to him if he were to lose their fight... which he ultimately did.

Björnsson told his subscribers: "It's nice to hear that you are going to honour your bet, Eddie. It's nice to hear you are going to give $20,000 to a charity and you want to get a tattoo, but I got a bit confused by your video.

"If I want to refresh my memory, you said that you were going to get the tattoo if I sign the rematch clause. You lost the fight and you're supposed to get the tattoo. I know you want to take your time and do it on your time, I respect that but don't take too long.”

He added: "Let's get this done within a month at least. I'll give you time but let's not drag it out too long. You need to get this tattoo done, where I don't care, size I don't care, colour I don't care. Just get it done so it's readable."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@eddiehallwsm

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