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Eddie Hearn tells 'greedy' Tyson Fury to 'f**k off' for not taking fights

Eddie Hearn tells 'greedy' Tyson Fury to 'f**k off' for not taking fights

Tyson Fury's proposed fight with Oleksandr Usyk is up in the air

Eddie Hearn has called out Tyson Fury, saying he's 'greedy'.

For what seems like an eternity, the Gypsy King and Anthony Joshua have been set to fight one another at some point in the future.

But every time the contract has got close to being signed, the deal has fallen through, with both sides blaming the other.

Often, Fury comes out and sets some random deadline, otherwise the deal is off, before going back and saying that he's willing to go up against AJ for free.

And now, Fury's promoter, Frank Warren, has said that no further talks would be held with Oleksandr Usyk's team over a potential bout to be the undisputed heavyweight champion.

Fans have been hoping to see Tyson Fury up against wither Oleksandr Usyk or Anthony Joshua.
Twitter/Tyson Fury

Hearn, who represents Joshua, said Fury has been taking fans for a ride, and that his fighter never dodged a fight, no matter the price.

Speaking to IFL TV, the promoter said: “I’ll tell you this, Anthony Joshua fought Oleksandr Usyk back to back – no f**king problems, no questions, no long negotations - 'That’s my mandatory? I’ll fight him'.

“Everyone said, ‘Swerve Oleksandr Usyk. He’s a tough, tough fight; you don’t want to fight him'.

"AJ said: ‘No, I want to be undisputed. Give me Usyk'. Done. The rematch comes in. ‘Oh, you don’t want to fight Usyk, you need a warm-up fight'. [AJ said:] ‘Give me Usyk'."

Hearn went on, telling told Fury to 'f**k off', claiming that he wants too much money and just 'isn't the draw' he thinks he is.

He went on: "When are you guys out there going to start understanding? [Fury says] 'It's not about the money, I'll fight him for free, as long as the tickets are free for the general public'. F*** off.

"You want money, you want too much money. You're not the draw you think you are, that fight is not as big as you think it is.

"[It's] greed. If you're about legacy, if you want to be undisputed, then you take the fight. Oh, so you're going to get £50million or £60m instead of the £80m or £100m, £125m that you asked for.

Eddie Hearn has told Fury to 'f**k off'.

"F*** me. You've all been played for all these years.

"If you really want the fight, you have to make concessions. Fury's got a point, he's a bigger draw, but I'll tell you something now, when Tyson Fury drew with Deontay Wilder [in 2018], we offered him 40-60 to fight Anthony Joshua as a voluntary challenger.

"He came back and said: 'I'll only fight AJ on 50-50'. At the time, AJ was a much bigger draw.

"Tyson Fury is worth more than 50-50 in this fight, but if you want to be the first undisputed heavyweight world champion since Lennox Lewis, then you take 50-50 and you get the fight done."

Featured Image Credit: IFL TV

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