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England players adopt stray cat they found at Qatar training camp and will bring Dave home

England players adopt stray cat they found at Qatar training camp and will bring Dave home

Defenders Kyle Walker and John Stones first encountered the feline while training at the Al Wakrah hotel.

It turns out the Three Lions won’t be going back to England empty-handed after all, as the team is bringing their new furry friend home.

Following the devastating loss to France at the World Cup over the weekend, the England team began making their journey back.

However, this time, their mascot will be boarding the plane too.

Defenders Kyle Walker and John Stones first encountered a cat they named Dave while training at the Al Wakrah hotel base.

During their four week stay, the cat would follow the players and wait around for food every night.

Walker told the FA’s official media channel during England’s World Cup campaign, as per the Express: “He was just there one day so we’ve just adopted him, me and Stonesy.

“Dave is welcome to the table...Some people really don’t like the cat, but I love him," he said.

Leading up to the team’s clash with France, the stray also got into a scuffle with another cat. Perhaps the other stray was punting on France?

Before the quarter-final match, Stones was asked about Dave following the catfight.

“Dave is fine,” he said. “He had a little scrap with another cat the other night. I think they are fighting over territory and the food. But he’s doing well.

PA Images

“Hopefully I can stick to my promise that he will come home with us if we were to win the World Cup. Dave’s fine, thank you for asking.”

Dave left Al Wakrah two hours after the squad. He will head to a local veterinary clinic for blood tests and vaccinations before heading into quarantine for four months.

Presumably, either Walker or Stones will adopt Dave, according to The Guardian.

However, Dave isn’t the only cat to steal the spotlight during the tournament.

The New York Post reported that during Brazil’s press conference before the match against Croatia, a media official left journalists stunned when he allowed a cat on the podium.

As Vinicius Jr was asking a question from a reporter, he struggled to keep his composure as the cat took a seat next to him.

As the forward began bursting into fits of laughter, the media official grabbed the cat and tossed it to the ground, which audibly had journalists gasping.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images. PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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