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Qatar's FA president 'doesn't shake female referee's hand' during trophy presentation

Qatar's FA president 'doesn't shake female referee's hand' during trophy presentation

World Cup viewers think Brazil’s Neuza Back did not receive a handshake after the third place match between Croatia and Morocco

Opinion online has been divided after World Cup viewers claimed the President of Qatar’s Football Association didn’t shake the female referee’s hand during a trophy presentation.

Watch here to see what you think:

Brazil’s Neuza Back served as the reserve assistant referee during the third place match between Croatia and Morocco on 17 December, later appearing on the stage to receive her medal for her efforts.

But as the referees all shook hands with the officials lined up along the platform, some viewers watching at home thought there was one person that didn’t offer out the gesture: Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al-Thani, who is the President of the Qatar Football Association.

Sharing the footage on Twitter, one fan wrote: “TV editing, no woman shall shake hands with [Al-Thani].

“Shame on her not holding out her hand to him to let the world see this. Her nod to him says she is a woman and knows her place in Qatar!”

Back appeared to be the only one who didn't get a handshake from Al-Thani.

In a slightly longer version of the clip, we see two male referees receiving their medals with handshakes from each of the officials, including Al-Thani, who also rubbed noses with one of the men.

A different angle shows Back receiving her medal before nodding to Al-Thani and walking on.

While the specific moment wasn’t shown on camera, many others also deduced that Back must have not received a handshake.

Someone else tweeted: “Female referee doesn't get a handshake, great to see #qatar culture and soccer history at work #kromar #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022 #coruption #fifa shame on you.”

Some argued it was a mark of 'respect'.

Another said: “Why can’t [he] give a handshake to the female referee, he gave to all the male referees…”

But some people defended the exchange, saying it may not have been as rude as the Western world might assume.

Christina Unkel, a sports analyst and also a referee, asked: “Self admittedly I don’t know the customs for Qatar so why won’t the Qatar representative shake her hand? There’s a head nod to her & he shakes the other refs hands. Why is a handshake inappropriate?”


Someone else then explained: “Religiously related. Men are not allowed to make any physical contact with women in any capacity unless a doctor or a spouse or an immediate family member.

“It doesn’t have any prejudice connotations. It’s actually seen as a way for respect.”

When someone else said they were ‘surprised’ that the female referee appeared to already know ‘this is going to happen’ so ‘wasn’t even trying to go for the handshake’, Unkel replied: “When we go to other country’s for FIFA they do a good job of informing us of cultures and norms. One beautiful part traveling as FIFA referee you learn so much going other parts of the world.”

LADbible has contacted Neuza Back for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/JohnGraat

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