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Football Club To Change Serial Killer Stand Name After Backlash

Football Club To Change Serial Killer Stand Name After Backlash

A sponsorship deal has had unfortunate consequences for the club

A football club is planning to rename one of their stands after fans pointed out the massive own goal they'd scored.

It is quite normal in the modern game for companies to sponsor stands, which are subsequently named after the company. For example, at Southend United, they have the Jonathan Rhys Recruitment South Stand, the Solopress North Stand, and the MidExPRO East Stand.

But the National League side were guilty of a glaring oversight after reaching an agreement with local estate agents Gilbert & Rose, which has sponsored the West Stand.

The unfortunate result is the new Gilbert & Rose West Stand.

In case it's not clear why exactly this name is so unfortunate – Rose West was sentenced to life imprisonment in November 1995 for the murders of 10 young women and girls.

Together with her husband Fred, she tortured and murdered an unknown number of people at their house in Gloucester over a 20-year period from 1967.

After fans pointed out the glaring oversight, The Shrimpers said they would hold talks with Gilbert & Rose to 'come up with a different arrangement of words'.

The spokesman added: "They are a fantastic local estate agents and we look forward to working with them during this partnership, which will include a number of community projects."

The club made the announcement after the new stand name sparked a flurry of activity on social media.

The club is now hoping to rename the stand.
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Iain Macintosh, of The Athletic, tweeted: "Southend United have sold the naming rights for their West Stand to the local estate agents Gilbert & Rose.

"I don't think they thought this one through..."

Southend fan Paul Napper wrote: "Only Southend United could have a sponsor for the West Stand called Gilbert & Rose, inevitably leading to the Gilbert & Rose West Stand."

Fans pointed out the issue during a meeting with the club's leadership this week, according to The Times.

The name has not yet been added to signage in the stadium, but it has been included on season ticket cards and changing the name again will have a cost implication.

Southend are due to launch their fifth-tier campaign at home to Boreham Wood on Saturday (6 August), and on the club's website, tickets are currently on sale in the Gilbert & Rose West Stand.

Perry Rose, director of the estate agents, has defended the naming as a 'complete coincidence' and claims he thought the 3,337-capacity stand would actually be named the 'G & R stand'.

He insists it isn't an ill-judged marketing ploy and says he doesn't see any reason the name couldn't be changed to the 'Gilbert and Rose Stand' either to avoid the unwanted comparison.

"We're going to have a chat with the club and see what they want to do," he said.

"It's a name and nothing more. We just want to concentrate on getting locals into the ground and make sure Southend goes up this year, that's the main goal."

Gilbert and Rose have pledged to give tickets to local schools every home game as part of the deal.

LADbible has contacted the club for comment.

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