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FIFA boss Gianni Infantino 'unfollows' SaltBae after World Cup fiasco as video of meal emerges

FIFA boss Gianni Infantino 'unfollows' SaltBae after World Cup fiasco as video of meal emerges

It looks like Gianni Infantino doesn't want much to do with SaltBae after he got onto the pitch at the World Cup final

It looks like FIFA boss Gianni Infantino has unfollowed Salt Bae on social media after the walking meme made his way onto the pitch after the World Cup final.

One of the weirdest things about the aftermath of Argentina's World Cup victory over France was Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe getting up close and personal with many of the players.

He even managed to put his hands on the World Cup trophy itself, which is a massive no-no according to FIFA's rules, and sunk his teeth into one of the winner's medals.

According to FIFA only a few people are allowed to touch the World Cup, that list includes heads of state and former winners of the competition - but not celebrity chefs who became famous off a meme.

All this clearly seems to have put Salt Bae in Infantino's bad books, leading to him unfollowing him on Instagram.

This comes as a video of the FIFA president eating at one of Salt Bae's restaurants has been doing the rounds to remind everyone they do actually know each other.

In the footage Salt Bae is chopping up a steak for Infantino, but when the time comes to do his iconic sprinkling of seasoning, he lets Infantino take centre stage and dribble a load of salt down his arm.

The video was captioned 'words are not enough to describe this magnificent beautiful person'.

However, the pair now appear to be on much frostier terms, and Infantino isn't the only person Salt Bae has wound up the wrong way.

Lionel Messi seemed less than happy to meet Salt Bae on the pitch after winning the World Cup and largely ignored the chef's attempts to grab his attention.

Salt Bae eventually got his selfie with Messi, but plenty enjoyed the sight of the world's greatest footballer repeatedly brushing off the chef.

SaltBae and Infantino know each other.

Plenty of others watching the aftermath of the World Cup final were pretty confused by Salt Bae's presence on the pitch, wondering why exactly that guy from that meme was wandering around Argentina's celebrations.

FIFA said they would look at the situation and were investigating the possibility of taking action over people gaining 'undue access' to the pitch in the post-match celebrations.

They said 'appropriate internal action' would be taken against those responsible for allowing certain people onto the pitch.

Journalist Tariq Panja said he'd heard back from football's governing body and 'FIFA suggests meat guy gatecrashed celebration'.

SaltBae and Infantino used to be such good friends, maybe.

Regardless of if FIFA take action against the restauranter, Salt Bae's already received the cold shoulder from Infantino.

The FIFA boss follows just over 300 people (including our SPORTbible page) on the 'gram, as the kids probably these days call it, and Salt Bae used to be one of them, but now he's nowhere to be found.

Featured Image Credit: @nusr_et / Instagram / Xinhua / Alamy Stock Photo

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