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Gym addicts eating dog food for protein is leaving people disgusted

Gym addicts eating dog food for protein is leaving people disgusted

If you're after a quick way to bulk up... this is not it

Gym addicts have come up with an unusual fix to gain some muscles and increase their protein intake.

It seems that huge cement-like protein shakes may be a thing of the past for some, as TikTokers are trying to bulk up by chowing down on something a little different.

Last month, 21-year-old gym bro Henry Clarisey - who goes by the username on TikTok - earned 2.8 million views after he filmed himself feasting on dog food 'for the gains'.

Users watched in horror as Clarisey munched on colourful dog kibbles out of a bowl, though his take on the meal confirmed that perhaps it may be best to leave those for our furry friends to enjoy.

Ready to nibble on kibble.

It all started out as a challenge with his 171,000 followers on the video-sharing platform.

Clarisey promised to give dog food a chance after watching a fellow TikToker's video in which the latter warned gym-goers not to be tempted by kibbles.

As we know, Clarisey didn't listen and pledged to get a taste if his own video reached 15,000 likes. His little dare exceeded his expectations as the clip garnered 21.2 million views and 2.5 million likes, at which point he felt compelled to put his money (and a handful of kibbles) where his mouth was.

“I said if I get 15k likes I’d try it, but it ended up getting 2.5 million, and I felt like I had to try it for the video,” Clarisey told The New York Post following his experience.

"I tasted the dry dog food kibble, and [it] tasted like little pieces of rocks.

"[It was] not comfortable at all to eat, and it was super hard to bite down on."

His TikTok generated a lot of discussion, with other gym rats making fun of Clarisey's questionable choices and joking they would do the same if it guaranteed getting ripped.

Clarisey was left with a bitter taste in his mouth.

Clarisey's endeavour garnered quite the response online, prompting dog food brand PEDIGREE to join the conversation.

"PEDIGREE dog food is formulated for dogs. While the food would not be harmful if a human consumed it, we do not recommend pet food for human consumption," a spokesperson for the company told The Post.

While he went viral for all the wrong reasons, Clarisey appears to have learned his lesson.

He admitted he isn't likely to taste any more food intended for pups again as he's realised the high protein content isn't worth the shock to his tastebuds.

"I definitely wouldn’t do it again," he confirmed.

"Even if dog food has high protein content, it’s definitely not worth it."

Featured Image Credit: Lang/Alamy Stock Photo

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